Parenting Highly sensitive Children (HSC)
One-On-One Coaching

Sensitive + Intuitive + Introverted + Anxious


One-on-one coachinG

A thriving child is our goal. In the world today it is challenging for children, there is something calling inside of them that is challenging to understand fully as a parent.

One-on-one parent coaching is designed for parents who have an escalated situation with their HSC or are looking to gain child-specific skills quickly.

For two months* you’ll have ample access to Amy so she can help you trouble-shoot and refine your parenting choices based on the situation at hand. There is a model to which all family’s in America are bound, your HSC wants to be free of this. Their behavior is a result of this model and you, the well meaning, loving parent are the key to change.

You are not alone and together we’ll navigate this so your HSC becomes your easiest to parent.

*After two months a re-evaluation will take place where you’ll continue intensively or move into my learning modules and group conversations to clinch the concepts for future situations.


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It's hard to watch your children struggle and not know what to do. What's even harder is to feel alone in this struggle. I am a highly sensitive person, am raising two highly sensitive people and have learned an angle of parenting that is uncompromised in creating a high-level understanding of your highly sensitive child.

In our session I'll give you tools to support your journey, they may be books, videos or something I offer in the work I do but truly only if it's a match.

Amy has given me the best strategies for supporting my children in a positive way while also being able to hold my boundaries as a parent. She has amazing insights and is a fabulous resource.
— -Nina C. Deephaven, MN

Amy helped me understand my child and what to do to change it all for the better!

Amy Vasterling is not only a fabulous teacher, she is a generous, loving soul who wants to help people be the best they can be. Her style of teaching is differentiated than the style of most teachers. First and foremost, Amy listens to the needs of each parent and child, asking probing questions that will help get us into the real issues. She speaks not of theory but of application, examples and conversations, which allows a more engaging and deeper learning experience. The best thing about Amy is that she admits her mistakes and shares stories of failures and recoveries as well as wins and opportunities within in her own experiences. She is able to build community within the classroom by fostering and maintaining a shared sense of trust with the participants, which allows us all to develop as people, not just as parents and children. I value each time I get to spend with Amy and learn something new.

~Kerrie E. Burnsville, MN