The Wisdom GAthering

Gather with others to explore what’s possible


The Next Gathering
Sunday October 20th 9-11:30aM*

Have you been looking for a place to gain inspiration that leaves you feeling filled up, building a stronger-yet foundation for your spiritual understanding where you’re encouraged to question things? If yes, join us for a Sunday Gathering. Amy will tap into Universal Energy to bring you a reading just for the group. During our time together we’ll explore questions derived from the intuitive reading and use personal journaling time to do some self-discovery. Lastly, the group will come together to expand the ideas further, through discussion.

-Realize your power and use it to take charge of your life.
-Redress the playing field; see how you are so different to those around you. 
-Recognize your personal intuition; use your wisdom to discern and trust.
-Reveal yourself in a safe place, be vulnerable and receive.
-Renew yourself by taking a short break in your life that is for you.

Join us and learn how to live 100% of your life.

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This is a place to talk about spiritual matters, intuition and how we can understand transforming our unique spiritual lifestyle in the midst of our current world. You are the tide changers and this requires support. Come affirm who you are and share ideas that grow and support others too.

Here’s what to expect:
-Meditation to center as a group.
-20 minute group intuitive reading.
-Personal journalling on a few questions about the core theme for the day.
-Small and large group discussion.

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Amy Vasterling | a long-time intuitive reader who teaches people how to trust themselves so they clinch their path in life. Her passion is for public speaking, writing teaching about intuition and parenting and lastly, challenging the status quo based on the unique ways she sees life. To learn more CLICK HERE


Where is it held?
Art Works Eagan 3795 Pilot Knob Rd Eagan, MN 55122

Signing up last minute?
Special instructions for signing up last minute-
Contact Amy directly at- INTUITIVEPATHFINDER@GMAIL.COM or call 612-791-3001to make arrangements.

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The Wisdom Gathering is a two-hour thirty minute mini-retreat for your spirit/soul. People find solace, inspiration, and community in church, but for the deep-thinker, the Wisdom Gatherings offers an intimate social gathering where participants get to explore what it means to live a meaningful life and how to make it happen. Amy starts with an intuitive energy reading that is always timely and appropriate. (The girl’s got the gift!) After a brief discussion, we take time to journal about the nuggets we gathered from the reading. Journaling provides a safe space to further explore, discover, and hone the gems that Amy shares. In the process, we learn to hear what our own inner/higher self has to say for and we might even realize how WISE we truly are! Then we can share our wisdom with the group. No matter what comes up, there is always something we can learn from each other, and the support and camaraderie is amazing!
— -Kari S. Burnsville, MN
I love attending Amy’s Wisdom Gatherings. She has a gift of sharing what the energy is for the group. I look forward to this time as a sacred space for me away from family and responsibilities. I love the feeling of community with the others in attendance. What is shared is always exactly what I need.
— Heather N. Apple Valley, MN

Wisdom comes in many forms, come share your unique wisdom.