The Women's Labyrinth.....              

                                 ......A journey to True Transformation




Your kind heart called you here.....

....Because maybe you didn't know it but you found me because you are at the mid-point of your awakening journey.

Are you ready for a way to take it to the next level?
This journey of the Women's Labyrinth shows you the way to hear your inner voice, trust your feelings and learn how to dynamically manifest your life to living an authentic life.
This means you'll understand the code to wisdom and hold your light in life through knowing peace.

The Women's Labyrinth is a journey to full awakening! Will you join me?

Have you been experiencing the signs of misalignment?

  • Sad without known reasons?
  • Sleepless nights?
  • Feeling confused or stuck?
  • Ever wish you had the answers?
  • Felt powerful in your life at another time and can't seem to create that again?
  • Restore your inner voice, Release old habits and regain your life?
  • Tired and you can't seem to keep up in life?
  • Want to find your life purpose and activate it?
  • Struggle to develop deep relationships with other women?
  • When faced with a decision, struggle to trust yourself?
  • Feeling emotionally devoid or numb?
  • Not getting your needs met within your love relationship?
  • Craving a place where you can share your thoughts openly?
  • Desire compassion and when you look around can't find it?
  • Ready to find your people and connect?

This isn't how women live. This is how women survive, we are not here to survive. WE ARE HERE TO LIVE! So sign up, come join your peeps and find guidance for the most important person in your world, YOU! Come get crystal clear, learn how to hear your inner voice and restore your true power to 100%! Learn to trust your inner voice and work with it. Learn how to feel amazing about you. AND? Change the tide of your life! You've now gained access to finding the power to be you, what will you do next? Sign up today! Having a great relationship with yourself opens the door to everything you want and it solves When you know how to realign without missing a beat you are on the fast track to enlightenment. You can embrace the journey from here because you know that change is the pathway to freedom and your dreams.

It's best to be on a supported journey. When we have support we feel safe to make the changes neccessary, we have a sounding wall to help us make the best decisions and put into practice our growth into new understanding.

Suddenly the gap from 'where you are' to 'where you could be' is bridged. When fear no longer blocks progress, success and joy erupt in a sychronistic way, without struggle.

In the Women's Labyrinth I’m providing the tools you need to step into authentic, enlightened you.

A new phase is about to begin.

All of our dreams and goals are as unique as we are. Whether you want to quit your corporate job and live a more simple life or your dream is to take on the world and teach what you know amassing large amounts of financial and personal success, anyway you can write it, I can help you achieve it! Maybe it's more of an inside job where guilt and worry have you staying home with your children in place of balancing your life with personal fulfillment, which in turn allows you to be the mother you desire to be. We need to be honest with who we are and what we need. 

Can you believe this is a place where you are supposed to have needs and bring them to the table to share with others. You never know within a labyrinth who you will meet! These are real people who are down to earth, smart and savvy! However, they also are connected and want to see the best for you as you do for them because you'll come to see through this experience of the labyrinth "Lack Mentality" won't cut it! Abundance is for everybody here! 


How do we get there?


What You’ll Receive as a Member of  the Women’s Labyrinth and How You'll Achieve Results:


So each month of this Twelve month program you'll receive:
Week one: a Coaching Audio sent right to your email box for you to listen to at your leisure.
Week two: you'll be sent a Personal Discovery Exercise to personally take the audio and theme for our month deeper.
Week three: your small group will convene a consistent agreed upon time to discuss and explore the month's theme.
Week four: we'll join together for a live large group coaching call where I'll share universal insights, do group meditations
and take your most pressing questions one-on-one. (This is the call Amy is on. There is no need to attend this one replays
are sent to you via email.)

..............And? All of this helps you achieve your personal goals!


Want to know more?

The Women’s Labyrinth is different from other programs in that it uses self-discovery, community, and powerful coaching in order to help you to finally cross that threshold into enlightenment.

Other retreats and workshops can do this on a short-term basis, but Women’s Labyrinth supports you throughout the year--in a way that no book can.


Here are some of the exciting and transformational topics we will cover during your year-long journey together:

  • Get to know the Authentic You that lies beneath your outward portrayal of self. The You that is striving to be expressed. Then prepare to be amazed as others meet you for the first time in their authentic state.

  • Drained? Tired? I’ve got your solution. Learn how to get your power back. Then recharge and further raise your vibration as you watch your energy and excitement for life continue to rise and drive you forward.

  • Connect with your inner beauty and learn why “Unstuck” is the only beauty aid you’ve ever needed and will ever need again.

  • Learn how to easily change life patterns and finally step into your vivacious, sparkling self.

  • Make peace with the story that you’ve been telling about yourself for so long. (Yes, even the one that strips you of power) Then move forward and begin living out a whole new story with your new dynamic perspective.

  • Want to receive more in life? The secret is to begin by learning the healthy way to give. When you know how to truly give in the way that is authentic to your unique being (without giving too much!), then the doors open wide for you to receive all of the awesomeness that life has in store for you. We will cover this process in a step-by-step manner that finally makes it all clear.

  • Life goals. Learn the right way to set life goals and come to know when it’s time to ask for support. (Also learn the best way to energetically receive that support once offered without shame or feeling like you “owe” someone!)

  • Fear is a major energy thief, don’t let it take you down. I have the tools you need to transform fear and move straight into serenity when anxiety rears up. Next time fear crops up, you’ll know how to manage it so it doesn’t get in between you and your dreams.

  • Think this new you is just too fragile to last? Let’s test it out and shore up the weak points so that the new you stays in place no matter what challenges cross your path!

  • Each and every person on this planet has an intuitive gift. The path to developing your intuition is the same path to developing trust in self. We’ll walk that path together and you’ll emerge a confident new you!

  • Still worried that all of this awesomeness with fade over time? I’ve got you covered. We’ll spend an entire month looking at exactly what you need to do in order to stay empowered through the rest of the year and beyond.

  • Life is calling you RIGHT NOW. Do you know how to pick up the phone and hear it’s message?


Loving what you’re seeing?

Ready to embark on the most transformational year of your life?

Space is limited, reserve your seat now!

Listen to what past Women’s Labyrinth members have to say about their experiences...

“I was trying to find this long lost inner peace in sources outside of myself. Amy taught me how to find it inside. I joined a group Amy facilitates being part of this group helped me to have a place to be honest and transparent about my fears and find non-judgmental support in those around me.

I have learned to find peace in my beautiful messy life because it is authentic. Amy doesn't hold your hand and lead you directly to your destiny, instead she teaches you how to read the map.”

~ Leah B.


“I am ready to do this work, but I have been stuck. Amy has helped me see and digest these issues so that I can move forward with calm and understanding. ”

~ Julie Ann H.


“My life has completely changed after meeting Amy. I have been on a lifelong quest to figure out "what to believe" (God, religion, etc). Amy has introduced me to a whole other spectrum that includes SO much more.”

~ Jill M. H.


“Amy offers insight beyond what I can see about myself. She has a kind and deeply insightful way of asking just the right questions to assist me in my spiritual path and continual growth. Amy came along to assist me just at the right time to help me get unstuck with a couple of challenging relationships. I feel empowered working with Amy; she has a tender and loving way of helping us to remember our right path.”

Patty M.

So here’s the straight skinny, my friends!

The next Labyrinth starts in May 2017 and is limited to 32 passionate women!

(Yes, ONLY 32! Yikes!)

These seats are being scooped up fast, so if you want a chance to get started on your dreams quickly you’re going to need to act right now.

Because once these seats are filled, the doors close.

So, it’s in your best interest to sign up now before you miss your chance!


What I REALLY want is to support you in committing to yourself. So I'm offering the labyrinth instead of at $129 a month it's at a discounted price I feel you'll be pleasantly surprised about! I'm committed to fostering your ongoing commitment to your highest self. There are now two payment options available for you to choose from:


Option 1:
One time payment of $828 for one year.
(That’s only $69 per month!)

Option 2:
Three payments of $316 for one year.
($79 per month!)

(Payments due upon signup and at the end of the following two consecutive months.)


Want another way to save money? I gotcha there too!

Referral Bonus: Any group member who invites another paying member to the group while they are in an existing labyrinth will receive a $75 referral bonus. (Yup, it’s that simple. When they pay, you get paid! Even if you use another discount or refer TEN friends!)

The only question that remains is: Can you sign up before the last seat is taken???


Once you click that sign-up button, you will receive an email from me welcoming you into the group. Immediately following will come the special bonus MP3 so that you can get started right away!

Then keep your eyes peeled; in a few weeks you will receive invitation into the private Facebook Group and you can start mingling with your newfound sisterhood!

Then in January be prepared to embark on the most transformative year of your life! You’ll receive your first audio via email and the adventure will be on!

So if you’re ready to transcend the limited life you’re living now and embark on your soul’s greatest journey, show your highest self that

THIS TIME YOU MEAN IT by clicking the button below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

The Women’s Labyrinth is for spiritual seekers who are ready to go deeper with life as they reach toward enlightenment, actualization and at a very human level, more joy and bliss in your life too! This program is for women who consider themselves to be conscious and have found peace with many of the trials that brought them to this place. For women who sometimes feel stuck or experience strife, but know enough to look for the opportunity in these struggles--even if it still is tricky some days. (Because, let’s be real here, we’re still human!)

You're supported through this process and through this year so if you encounter challenging situations arise, please seek help from the group, this is the purpose is you work through the tricky parts with support from others, learning again how to fully trust and understand unconditional love and support.

This program is NOT for you if you are currently in crisis or feel yourself to be a victim of circumstances. Both of these states need a different type of support in order to resolve fully. If you are interested in the Women’s Labyrinth, but feel like this may be you, please come back when you're ready, we'd love to walk the journey with you! 


What if I miss a monthly meeting or can’t make the live monthly meetings?

You can still reap all the amazing benefits of being in this group even if you miss a live call. All live calls will be recorded. It is important and all efforts will be made to arrange a time for your small group to meet that will work for every participant to be live on the call. 


What if I have questions that come up in between the live group calls?

Your community is here to support you 24-7 and Facebook is always open. Just pop into the Facebook group and post your question there. If it’s a question for me, just tag me and I will respond directly to your comment in the group within 48 hours max. (Usually I’ll respond faster than that!) If it’s a general question, just put it out there and your sisters will help you find your answer.


I want in, but I don’t have the money to pay for the full year right now.

That’s okay! That’s why I offer the three payment method. I also offer discounts for referring new members and for early-birds. I’m all about finding a solution that works for you and your life!


Sound great, but I’m a busy women. Do I really have time for this?

Yes! Women’s Labyrinth is designed to work with your life--not against it. Sure, the more energy you put into it, the more you will get out of it. But we all know that life comes with ups and downs, busy times and slow days. Trust the process and allow yourself to put in the amount of energy that is comfortable for you at any given time and you will find yourself richly rewarded every step of the way!

That said, you can expect to commit a minimum of three hours per month to this. The maximum number of hours depends on you and your level of engagement with the many opportunities that I present to go deeper. (Honestly, three hours per month should be the bare minimum that any woman commits to their long term growth if they want their life to blossom.)


How much one-on-one time is available in this program? I really feel like I need that in order to break through my blocks.

I truly believe that a supportive community combined with guided self-discovery are the two most powerful ingredients when creating an ideal life. You will find both of these items in abundance within Women’s Labyrinth. However, I do still offer occasional individual sessions. If this is something you would like to consider, please reach out to me for a free consultation so we can discuss which program is the best fit for you.


What if I get in and decide it’s not for me?

I’ve got you covered there, too. You can take Women’s Labyrinth for a test drive on December 27th  2p.m., CST. Join me for a sample learning session and then thirty minutes of Q&A where I will answer your questions about the labyrinth.

Do this and you’ll receive a code giving you $75 off of enrollment!


When are payments due?

The first of the payments is due upon sign-up. The remaining payments are due at the end of the two following months and can be made via credit or debit card. So if you sign up on November 28, the remaining payments are due in December, and January.



Are you ready to join us and take on the most deeply transforming year of your life? Then simply click that button below.