What others are saying about working with Amy-

"My life has completely changed after meeting Amy.  This is no exaggeration!  My eyes have been opened to the amazing love and energy that exists in our universe.  I have been on a lifelong quest to figure out "what to believe" (God, religion, etc).  Amy has introduced me to a whole other spectrum that includes SO MUCH MORE." -Jill H.

"While working with Amy, you are in here for some heavy duty shifting. Amy touches upon your most vulnerable spots, but she does it with utmost ease and grace. She will give you insights that will shift your perception deeply and for greater good, something that is in alignment with your own truth and heart. She will give you more information about your issues than you thought was available or possible.

Truly, if intuition and perception has a name, Its Amy!

During my session with her, her energetic scan of my field was spot on and the way she brought all cues together, helped melt many doubts and confusions. It brought a secret smile to my heart and mind. Even in days after, it helped shift, shift and just shift. It is almost I can mentally go back to that session at any time and shift some more. Truly Quantum in nature. I witnessed a space, which is truly sacred and where I want to be, if I want to create- literally anything. More than her words, it was that space which brought the much sought healing. Thank you, Amy, and God bless!"   -Dr. Sindhu Singh Peace Force on Earth Quantum Connection Series Host


My reading with Amy was so helpful and gave me hope during a very sad, stressful time. At the start of the reading, I could feel a gentle energy around my upper body, which helped me relax and be receptive. She was able to verbalize and validate what was happening with me with powerful and fun imagery, helping me to understand where I was blocked, or holding myself back. She also offered a different way to look at a health concern that put my fears to rest. In the days that followed, I felt a definite shift in my mind, body and spirit. Thank you Amy! -Jill M.

"Amy offers insight beyond what I can see about myself.  She has a kind and deeply insightful way of asking just the right questions to assist me in my spiritual path and continual growth. Over the years I continue to become increasingly self-aware, yet Amy came along to assist me just at the right time to help me get unstuck with a couple of challenging relationships.  I feel empowered working with Amy; she has a tender and loving way of helping us to remember our right path." -Patty M.

I had my first interaction with Amy via a phone reading. Since then I have purchased several phone readings as gifts for close friends and family, and have made many regular appointments for myself. 

As my mother (The person responsible for connecting me to Amy) put it, Amy is "the real deal". Amy is both warm and professional. With the help, guidance and encouragement I received in her Coaching Program, the quality of my thoughts and attitudes have significantly improved. I am in a far better position to easily identify and ditch the traps and pitfalls of fear and lack-based thinking. This allows me to quickly move forward with the business of enjoying life, empowering me to aim to reach my full potential as an evolving spirit.

Amy, you are my mentor and personal role model. I love you, and I look forward to working with you for a long, long time.

With Great Respect and Appreciation, Selene Akindele 

I was trying to find this long lost inner peace in sources outside of myself, Amy taught me how to find it inside myself. I am a woman that never truly let anyone in, I don’t like talking about my feelings and I get through life by putting on a brave face, “I’m fine,” I’d tell others. I joined a group Amy Facilitates called a Women's Labyrinth with Amy's encouragement. I resisted as I felt I didn't fit. She reassured me I was there for a reasion. What came next surprised me. What I knew as my life all came tumbling down. Being part of this group helped me having a place to be honest and transparent about my fears and find non-judgmental support in those around me.

Amy Showed me that the vivid colors of my paintins and life were still there, the images were blurred and undefined, but their freedom was actually more beautiful to me now than it had been previously.

She teaches us about different tools we can use ot find our own path, to listen to the messages we may be presented with and more importantly from within. I have learned to find peace in my beautiful messy life because it is authentic. Amy doesn't hold your hand and lead you directly to your destiny, instead she will teach you have to read the map. -Leah B.

With Amy’s graceful, caring expertise, I was able to access the place where the gift of grief resides. The gift is the place at which I am able to know what lies beneath and once I acknowledged the grief I realized with Amy’s help it is something that does not define me but causes me to change my story and expand. Thank you for your tireless efforts, your boundless zeal and your never-ending ways to clear the path for the journey so the detours are shorter.  -Rachel K.

"I so appreciated your class on grief!  You held a sacred container for our small group to explore and share our experiences, questions and insights.  There is something about spiritual work that when we are called to take a look, the Universe reaches out to assist us in releasing that which no longer serves us.  That is my experience.  Looking back at a very painful loss of my sister's death was something I had no intention of doing when I signed up for your class.  But there she was, helping me review the story that I have carried these past 40 years.  This process has allowed me to ask What is the story I have been carrying?  Is it my story or someone else's?  Where did I get lost in the trauma of her death?  Your gentle guidance, encouragement and confidence in knowing that whatever would come up for me, or others in the group, was the key that allowed me to peel through layers of memories and emotions that needed to be unearthed for me to look again, to remember, and to release.  In this process, I feel re-united with my sister ~~ .  Thank you for your insights and feedback which were crucial to my journey of remembering and releasing."  -Denise R.

"I attended a presentation Amy delivered and immediately connected with her afterward to have a one-one session.  Amy's sparkling personality is what first drew me in.  Once the reading was underway, it was apparent that she is talented and insightful.  She's allowed me to see my life and goals more clearly. Through her direction, I am excited about my life again." -Linda Ring

"In such a short time you have shown me how to bridge the gap and I love you for helping me from what I call "The Eeyore being" to "Living authentically.”  -Char Z. 

"When Amy speaks, I listen - closely! Every time Amy does a reading for me I am left feeling centered, empowered and beautiful - even amidst whatever mess is going on in my life. Amy always validates a lot of what I already know is going on, but the way that she sees images and conveys them to me I know that I’m getting wisdom from our higher connections. I wasn’t sure about love relationships in my life, and what next steps to take amidst areas of chaos. She was able to lift a veil that I wasn’t able to do on my own. Amy kicks butt by tapping into my truth and showing me what I’m ready to see - challenging me to go that next step. And then makes me laugh - hard!! She’s totally real and authentic with her own journey, so I never feel judged - only loved. Thank you Amy!!" -Jessica Alleyne

"My experience working with Amy has most profoundly helped me find a more solid sense of self and confidence in my path. She has helped me see deeper and more clearly into issues of my life that have a tendency to be "cloudy". She helped unveil hidden truths within myself that I was unable to see. Amy's gentle yet powerful ability to conduct intuitive readings has led me in the direction of healthier connections with others, more sanguine decision making in my life and an overall sense of calm and wholeness with the world around me."  -Caitlin Gottschalk

"I have relied on Amy for many of my life’s challenges.  As a step-mom I frequently find myself looking for advice and guidance, but rarely are any useful resources available….until I found Amy. I find myself with many questions on how to handle a variety of situations regarding my unique relationship with my step-kids. In a recent session with Amy I was looking for advice on how to handle an issue my step-daughter was having.  Amy gave me insight and guidance that my husband and I had never even considered as a possibility.   She gave me a few things to try and within two hours of being home my step-daughter confided in me what was going on. I was shocked (and relieved!) at how fast and easy it was to handle a situation that had been previously been drawn out and difficult. I liken Amy to a counselor, but better.  She not only provides guidance on how to handle life’s struggles, she has the added ability to point you in the right direction.  A hour with Amy is equal to 12 hours of counseling sessions!  I have referred several friends and family members to Amy and they have all benefited greatly from her abilities.  I am very grateful to have her help." -Gina W.

"I worked with Amy doing a “spiral clearing” and didn’t know what to expect. Of late, I have been worried about running out of money and trying to calm the chaos that is my house. At the beginning of the remote reading, Amy asked what one major concern was. I chose the money issue.  She briefly described what the "spiral" is and it's function in our life. She described mine as white and warm. I began to feel the warmth running up from the base of my spine...and an odd calmness. A "knowing" if you will. Feeling that all would be O.K. Add to that a feeling of energy, or being less tired. The message Amy shared was "Let go, let God". She said she'd been told I can do less with more, and though I won't understand that right now, keep asking and I will. Additionally, she picked up on my need to have alone and quiet time. She said I should set up a portion of the basement to call my own....we are currently remodeling due to mold and asbestos....so it's the perfect time for claiming a part of the basement for me!! My wife and I had actually talked about making a reading/quiet listening room down there and Amy just confirmed we were on the right track.   The reading was a pleasurable and satisfying experience and I'd recommend a similar session for anyone!!" -John Angel 

I am ready to do this work, but I have been stuck. Amy is helping me see and digest the issues so that I can move forward. -Julie Ann H.

"Amy got me out of a funk when my spirit and soul were bruised and beaten. I went through an emotional Hell and back and didn't know how to act or be myself anymore.  I had three young children, had left my career of 12 years to become a stay-at-home mom, was in a new town without any close friends (or anybody to turn to for help with my busy kids), living in a house that was so small for my family of 5, and both a good friend and my dog passed away. The accumulation of stresses that began even years earlier left me ill and bed-bound with a mystery illness for two months, and although I thankfully got myself well again with nutrition and supplementation, the mental and emotional me was still sick. My soul and spirit were hanging on by a thread, and I didn't know how to just "be" anymore. Every day was trying, and I had anxiety from the thought of having to go in public, or communicate with anybody. I didn't know who I was anymore, or how to act normal… so I would just avoid people and social situations at all costs.  The night before my Spiral Clearing was Open House at my kid's school, and I got home in such a hot mess that I prayed and prayed for relief.  Enter Amy and her Spiral Clearing. The phone session lasted about 10 minutes, she did her thing while I sat on my couch on the other end of the line, and then off I was to re-acclimate to life.  Within a half hour after my session I was in tears, probably my body’s way of clearing out the bad stuff.  After the redness in my eyes went away, I had to do errands… and I noticed that I was walking with a lighter stride, and found myself small-talking with the check-out clerk with such ease that I wanted to do more errands instead of rushing home to be alone.  That night our family had dinner with another family after my son’s football practice, and I felt so free in conversation…  It was so fun to feel what it was like to be “me” again.  I’m saying less dumb things, and I remember more now because my mind isn’t too busy trying to recall how it is to “be” any longer.  Every day it gets easier, and the real me is coming back out and I’m only getting better. 
Amy also helped me to re-discover my purpose in life.  My prior career was in accounting, but that never fulfilled me.  My passion is interior decorating and organizing.  As a teenager my friends would tell me how good I was at it and that I should do it as a career. But low-confidence in HS made me want to play it safe so I went the accounting route in college instead of going to design school.  And then recently the nutrition thing was taking on steam ever since I brought myself back to health, and I loved helping other people cure their ailments naturally.  But I’ll never forget the words that Amy said… “The nutrition aspect is for you alone.” Instead, she saw me as a creator, with a high sense in quality design and the ability to choose design based on intuitiveness. That was all that I needed to hear. She just summed me up perfectly.  And she gave me more insight as to how to get started and run my business clean and professionally while holding my place and power.  Amy gave me the confidence to put myself out there, and nine days later I found myself texting an acquaintance to offer my skills to unpack her new house and help decorate all her new spaces. 
Life is too short to not live to my fullest and I’m so happy a friend referred me to Amy. She is very comforting, trustworthy and kind.  Every time I speak with her either on the phone or via email, it’s like talking to a dear friend.  I immediately feel relaxed, and come out learning so many new things about myself.  During her readings and clearings, she puts what she sees into words that are both uplifting and calming.  Amy is my Godsend."  -Mindy B.

"I met Amy at a Metaphysical fair in Hayward, WI. Out of everyone at the fair I was immediately drawn to her.  She was the person that I chose to work with and I am so happy that I did!  I immediately felt "safe" with Amy and she was able to pinpoint some issues parenting issues that I had been struggling with. She offered me some really good advice and I left feeling encouraged, supported, and energized. So, when I hit a "rough patch"  a few months later, I decided to reach out to Amy for another session. Prior to this session I was going through financial hardship and had just received an abnormal medical test result. I was overwhelmed by my circumstance and felt scared, frustrated, and alone.
Amy advised me to push back on the universe and believe that the money I spent for self care/ love would be returned back to me tenfold. Even before I ended my conversation with her I received an email from my employer that said I was going to be receiving a rebate for approximately what the cost of the session was that day. I am now encouraged to take more small financial risks that may help to nourish my soul. Also, a few days later my basement flooded and I needed all new flooring (which I needed anyway because of some health concerns). I was able to get it replaced and insurance paid for it.
In my session Amy also told me to push back on the universe regarding my health.  She told me that I she felt my health concern would be resolved in time. She had an impression that what was going on with me had a purpose and that I needed to believe in my head and my heart that I would heal even if I didn't understand how. She said "You are going to read an article about a new treatment that will get rid of this" and that I should again, push back on the universe. A few days after this conversation something miraculous happened,  I was taking a sip of my hot cider and there was a bee in my cup that stung the inside of my upper lip. My lip swelled and I got MAAAAD...it was then that my boyfriend said " you know some people use bee venom as a therapy to treat illness".. this got my brain working and I wanted to know what exactly it is used to treat. That's when I came across research that shows: bee venom is highly effective at treating the condition that I was concerned about. Again, she was SPOT ON! She was also an incredible resource in referring me to various alternative medical practitioners. I have scheduled appointments with some of them and I now believe that everything good is coming.
Since then I have had another opportunity to follow up with Amy.  She again was able to unearth some familial issues that I have been struggling with for a lifetime and has helped to guide me into a place of empowerment and calm.  I am glad that I listened to my intuition in Hayward that was telling me that she is someone that I can trust. I look forward to working with Amy in the future and I highly recommend her. Don't second guess it, sign up with Amy, you'll see it come back tenfold in your life!" -Sarah from Iowa

Amy's accuracy as an intuitive reader and counselor around all topics emotional has kept me coming back. From questions about a variety of relationships to contractual agreements Amy has been able to give me the core points to help me navigate and create great outcomes time and time again. She's also a trusted name I share with others. In a more recent session with Amy she helped me release myself from a contract saving me $6,000. What a relief to know where to turn when life gets confusing!  

Amy is what I consider to be the psychic's psychic.

Peng Her, MSOM, L.Ac.

Amy what a deep healing your reading sparked in me. I had a lot of pressure on my brain and overall body by the end of our session. So I decided to give into it instead of resist, as we talked about. That turned into a massive clearing of the "Red Juggling Ball or Anger" you mentioned in our session. What transpired was a deep "letting go". My scoliosis is even unwinding further as a result now. What a gift you gave me.  -with immense gratitude, Judith