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Connecting Spiritual concepts and bringing clarity to being human

Workshop Options

Intuitive Workshops for retreats or holistic events

1) "Tools of the heart" 1.5 hours  (Lecture/interactive) -Innovative, effortless technique to learn how healing works using your heart field.
2) "Playing Ball-Learning to create healing energy to give or for yourself." 1.5 hours (Lecture/Interactive) Visualization technique for energy healing
3) "The Law of attraction" 1.5 hours (Lecture/interactive) Basics to high-end manifestation tools.
4) "Parenting - 3 simple concepts to raising empowered children." 1.5 hours 30+1 hour Q&A)
     Can include audio series I've created for parenting too at an extra charge.
5) How Relationships Shape You 1.5 hours (Lecture/Interactive)This workshop gives understanding to why relationships are the way they are right now and how to            work with them.
6) "Journey of the Wayfinder" 1.5 hours (Lecture/Interactive) Understanding our current world, how it is changing and the part we each play.
7) "You and your Intuition, a personal journey" 1.5 hours (Lecture/discussion) Support in understanding the keys to working with your intuition.

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Art Workshops
A) "Clarity Journal" - 3 hours (tiny lecture/instructions/choose an intent/small group reading & time to create). Art Journal with 30 prompts.
B) Vision Board workshops with a reading. 3 hours. First we do a group reading for the two months ahead. Then the group creates boards to navigate those months with ease for their life.
C) "The Personal Creative State" 3 hours (Lecture/experiential) It's hard to find our center these days. This workshop is a catalyst for sharing how to meditate, how to recognize areas where you are stuck in your life and what keeps you stuck. Come learn to open yourself to creating your life, your way. We'll use kids craft activities to work the process back to you.