Supported co-working

It’s about you Baby! Go get what’s yours and never, never hold back!


Collaborative Coworking

When in business for ourself, we need support to make it all happen. This is a landing place for information shared through the hands of a smart group of female entrepreneurs.

I personally encourage you to get a mentor who can help see you to the next level in your business. It’s time to earn the money you deserve for the genius you share.

NEXT MEETING Friday July 19th 1-3 Art Works Eagan
Collaborative Brainstorming
July 26th 1-3pm Art Works Eagan
Supporting Accountability

You and your website is hands down the chosen platform among our group. So many great integrated tools. is great for a simple or short term solution.
Wordpress is a little more tricky with double checking your plug-ins to make sure they are supported. The learning curve is a little more steep too. While doable, if you want a site you can update all by yourself at 2am? Squarespace is the one.

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Local Headshots:

1) Artsy Candids + Headshotsie- Lisa Peterson. $125 (5) final images - lets you select onsite location. Indoor or outdoor. (652)247-3894

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Professional Speaking Resources:
Toastmaster’s likely comes to mind as an outmoded opportunity. However, if you are looking at enhancing your public speaking ability I highly recommend this group. Women with a Mission Toastmaster’s Club (St Paul)

They meet each 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month at the Rondo Library in St Paul from 10:30-11:45am. It’s an authentic, supportive group of women who have astounded me. If corporate workplaces were like this we’d all be working there. Come join the magic and add your voice to the mission that intrigues your passion within.

The National Speaker Association or NSA. MN Chapter (Generally meets near 394 & 169)
Liz Erum is the current president of the local chapter and she is a speaker to watch! They had Patricia Fripp as a guest who is a tiptop world speaker and speaking coach. At the event she kissed me on the forehead out of the blue! If you are headed into professional speaking this is a must.

If you’re on the fence but have the inkling you may want to speak think about reading the book “The Message of You” by Judy Carter

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You’re so ABUNDANT and don’t you forget it!

Let’s Talk about Receiving Money

Paypal is my personal favorite all around payment platform. People (on the whole) trust it and already use it. (Chip/Swipe capable) is another option, with a chip card reader and magnetic swipe option it’s great for events and shows.

We dive into our work to heal our own wounds, solve our own problems and when we turn and give this to others it is the mark of our own healing, our own awareness that we’ve moved on,
changed and are now ready to serve others.
— Amy Vasterling

Online Course Platforms:
Zippy Courses ($99)
Jigsaw Box (European $99 starting per month - most highly capable platform)
Podia ($39 a month)

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It’s your time lady, what are you going to do with it?
— Amy Vasterling

Email Marketing Services

Squarespace offers it for a charge on top of your the cost for your website.
Mailchimp is popular because it’s free up to 2000 subscribers.
Constant Contact is easy to use but more costly. $20-500 subscribers, $45-2500 (per month fee)

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Communication Services

Voxer - (Audio, text, video communication to respond quickly to your clients)
WhatsApp - Quick texting, voice and audio recording messages for International clients) Free

Ideas to Emulate, People to Watch, Things you might Sign up for and Use:

Wandering Aim-fully is a lifetime membership for $2,000 to ALL of their resources. It is primarily for creatives such as writers, designers, illustrator’s, coaches, consultants, developers: or
Greg Faxon -

E-Commerce Platforms: E-Commerce and audience building software for creators Member supported content platform

Online Book-Keeping Support (Recommended by Greg Faxon)

SUbScription/Membership BUsiness Support

Video Recording resources


Achieving Dreams -
Opportunity to work at ball fields selling logo wear and bank $ for kids extra curricular activities & tuition. They cut a check to the organization so you don’t have to claim the income.

More is always on it’s way, receive it!