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You've been asked to get a speaker for your event and you're unsure who. Times are changing and everybody can feel and see this change in their life. You want to share this message with your group and yet have it apply to them as people and as employees or owners of their own business. This is your chance. Amy is an internationally sought beloved public speaker who has been termed a visionary and thought leader. The way she sees our world creates before the eyes of the audience the transformation to how what is going on is really a very good thing and she’s not just taking lemons…..

Amy will share actions steps each person can take to undeniably change their life, become more connected to who they are and leave feeling uplifted by the status of the world because now they see their role in it. The unique angle at which Amy sees the world will leave your crowd roaring for more!

Speech options

1) The Journey of the Creative 45 minute lecture. 
This lecture is for traditional and non-traditional creatives (those people who might not create art but use creativity to problem solve.) It speaks to how we can view, relate to and push our creativity in directions beyond bounds and why this is more than ever a very important act. It will inspire, create contemplation and up-level the ideas of the creative and their vision of possible personal-reach expansion. All that from a simple talk? Yes, Because this lecture is about inspiring people to be themselves.

2) Thinking Future 45 minute lecture.
This lecture started in Sweden. Its origin was to speak to the middle-man or middle-people within design and art teaching them where they are headed. It is similar to that of the journey of the creative but stresses this similar idea from the place of support vs. execution. It's main purpose is to inspire listeners take their work further, challenge (in all good ways) the status quo and go to bat for those they support so they'll think and perhaps choose to live outside the box. This lecture is to inspire people to see the world differently so they understand the important role they play in it right now and why.

I always encourage a Q & A at the end for at least 15 minutes. People are curious and I like to quell their curiosities and give them a foundation for more. 

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Understanding the best parts of who you are is a gift. Using those best parts of who you are is a skill. Being happy in life? That’s a birthright.
— Amy Vasterling

Teaching & Workshop OPTIONS

Intuitive Workshops for retreats, holistic events & conferences

Tools of the heart (Lecture/interactive) An innovative, effortless technique to learn how to do things like call your pets or teens pushing curfew home, heal others or yourself all using your heart field. Time permitting we’ll try the technique in class. (1.5 hours)

The Healing Ball (Lecture/Interactive) Learn to create never fail healing energy to give or for yourself. When in doubt this technique will rock your world! Time permitting we’ll try the technique in class. (1.5 hours)

The Law of Attraction (Lecture/interactive) Learn from basics to high-end manifestation tools. Amy teaches simple ways to create profound results, as a matter of fact it’s her mission in life. Come learn about a tool that is your birthright, manifestation.
(1.5 hours)

How Relationships Shape You (Lecture)This workshop gives understanding to why relationships are the way they are right now in our world and how to best work with them.
(1.5 hours)

Energy Patterns Since 1986-Present*
What that means for our future
Let’s run through where we’ve been and where we’re headed and why. Amy’s sweet spot is in tracking patterns of energy shifts. She will clue you in on what’s lead up to now and reveal a future so bright you have to wear shades.
*This event is similar to How Relationships Shape you and should not be offered at the same event. (1.5 hours)

Journey of the Wayfinder (Lecture/Interactive) Understanding our current world, how it is changing and the part we each play. If you’ve been wondering about your life purpose or why you feel so disrupted and even perhaps anxious this workshop is a must.
(1.5 hours)

You and your Intuition, a personal journey
Or a Spiritual Puberty? (Lecture/discussion)
Understanding the keys to working with your intuition. Stories about how one intuitive took the bumpy journey there and made it. Unique techniques will be shared, different ideas about how it all works will be wisely given as well. (1.5 hours)

Wisdom Gathering
This intimate event puts you up close with intuition and in a community where you can discuss personal issues and how these become spiritual matters. It gives you personal insight into your life through intuitive reading and gives you space for contemplation and conversation to flesh out your ideas, needs and leave refreshed with clarity you can take forward with you into the world. (2.5 hours)

What to expect-
A group intuitive reading
A short guided meditation
Journaling on themes from the reading
Small and large group discussion

Come ready with a journal, favorite pen and able heart.

Amy is a brilliant, beautiful soul, with lots of knowledge to share. Her passion, wit and engaging style make all her classes dynamic and fun! I love her honesty, energy and realness, as well as how caring and accessible she is. Amy has been a keynote speaker as well as an instructor at many of our Women’s Wellness events, and I always look forward to working with her.

Laurie Fenner
Marketing & Communications Manager Audubon Center of the North woods