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Parenting, Creating a Lasting Bond
For Parents of Children Ages 1 to 16 years


Raising children is one way we grow and learn more profoundly than most any other way. When we give our children the gift of connection and secure attachment we give them the gift to thrive. While parenting we may encounter struggles at certain ages and in certain situations. It can be difficult to see how to free ourselves and our children from these patterns.

Amy will teach you, three easy, unique and complimentary models for approaching parenting. She'll dispel the confusion for common situations and show you how to meet any moment at calm.

She'll also give you a host of ideas on ways to teach your children to be empowered through helping and cooperatively in supporting your environment. You'll learn how to teach them age appropriate tangible life skills that help you out around the house too!

Most parents want their children to have the opportunity in life to thrive and live to their full potential. In raising, confident, secure children who know who they are we give them the world. It also gives the parent the power to gain confidence on how to parent in challenging situations all without missing a beat.

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You'll learn ways to:

-Instantly stop the whining or begging.

-Build self-concept in your children. 

-Maintain their self confidence. 

-Keep them trusting their inner voice, that quiet one we tend to ignore.

-Build deeper relationships with your children.

-Learn to teach your child how to deal with difficult situations and emotions.

-Learn to communicate with your kids on a very different level.

-Your changing role as a parent as your child grows.

-How to deal with those difficult topics with your children, just what to say?

-How to stop the child from pressing your buttons....who doesn't need that???

-BE a supportive parent in all ways vs. a rescuer or "helicopter" parent. 

-Most importantly! Learn to parent differently than you were parented and raise a child who is authentically them self. 

-Tips on how to deal with chores, build respect in your children and share your values.


When things get rough as a parent our energy gets lost in the mix and even simple decisions become harder. Sometimes it can feel like parenting is a strategy, like a game we can't seem to EVER win. Using Amy's methods offers a new perspective on age old problems. Amy's desire to change the tide with her own kids lead her on a deep journey to learn how we keep our child's spirit in tact for their entire journey. These simple techniques may take practice and once you've got them down? You won't believe how much more energy you have and how much power not only you have but your child as well. 

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What Amy's daughter has to say...
My daughter Jane rolled over on a beach at age 7 and said to the mother of an overly whiny child, "My mom just says, I love you too much to argue and we stop." Then she rolled back.

I was floored! My child knows the inside workings of the parenting and yet it still works for her!  Now at age 15 Jane will say to me, "Are you going to get out your parenting techniques Mom?" Jane knows I love her because she feels secure that I will act from a place of love in every situation, even when I'm angry. She outwardly shares with others the amazing parent I am. What kid does that? It's not about me, it's about the parenting techniques because they connect you vs. disconnect giving your child the best parts you have to offer. Who doesn't want that with their child?

Here's what others are saying about this workshop-


Amy Vasterling is not only a fabulous teacher, she is a generous, loving soul who wants to help people be the best they can be. Her style of teaching is differentiated than the style of most teachers. First and foremost, Amy listens to the needs of each parent and child, asking probing questions that will help get us into the real issues. She speaks not of theory but of application, examples and conversations, which allows a more engaging and deeper learning experience. The best thing about Amy is that she admits her mistakes and shares stories of failures and recoveries as well as wins and opportunities within in her own experiences. She is able to build community within the classroom by fostering and maintaining a shared sense of trust with the participants, which allows us all to develop as people, not just as parents and children. I value each time I get to spend with Amy and learn something new.

~Kerrie E. Burnsville, MN



Amy has given me the best strategies for supporting my children in a positive way while also being able to hold my boundaries as a parent. She has amazing insights and is a fabulous resource.     

-Nina C.  Deephaven, MN



“I have relied on Amy for many of my life’s challenges. As a step-mom I frequently find myself looking for advice and guidance, but rarely are any useful resources available….until I found Amy. I find myself with many questions on how to handle a variety of situations regarding my unique relationship with my step-kids. In a recent session with Amy I was looking for advice on how to handle an issue my step-daughter was having. Amy gave me insight and guidance that my husband and I had never even considered as a possibility. She gave me a few things to try and within two hours of being home my step-daughter confided in me what was going on. I was shocked (and relieved!) at how fast and easy it was to handle a situation that had been previously been drawn out and difficult. I liken Amy to a counselor, but better. She not only provides guidance on how to handle life’s struggles, she has the added ability to point you in the right direction. A hour with Amy is equal to 12 hours of counseling sessions! I have referred several friends and family members to Amy and they have all benefited greatly from her abilities. I am very grateful to have her help.”

Gina W. Apple Valley, MN


I gained so much through Amy's audio modules! In just minutes after I learned one of the techniques I applied it with one of my children and they immediately stopped crying and throwing a fit. I realized how much more calm I felt because the child was calm and how much easier communication became in place of the power struggle. After using the energy drain technique with my daughter she jumped right up and did what I asked! No more nagging....THANK GOODNESS! The examples were so clear, which is what I loved about this program. It helped make it relatable to real life. The words you shared in our one-on-one supported exactly what I needed so Thank You!  ~Kara L.

-The knowledge I've gained about parenting took me time and what a world of difference it's made in my home life! Let me teach you what I know so your home can become the peaceful, happy place it deserves to be! Are you ready? Sign up today!   -Amy


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