Parenting Sensitive Kids Workshop

Visionary help in raising your unique child

Parenting Sensitive Kids Workshop - Sunday June 23rd 9-2:30pm

Do you have a sensitive child and want to get to the root of how to help them? There are simple parenting methods to reaching and raising these kids to create ease in all situations while also creating a lasting bond.

In this workshop I’ll teach you new perspectives on which to see your child and we’ll use parenting as a method to free you and ultimately free them. The simple truth is your child holds all of the answers. My job is to support you from where you are to where you want to be. It literally is that simple.

At the workshop learn about:

-Pathway of least resistance parenting.
-Building self-concept in your children.
-Anxiety/Depression, why it’s there and what do about it.
-Learn the golden tool of how to work with your sensitive child, from real examples you bring to class.
-Go home with a better understanding of your child and tools you can use right away.
-This type of parenting is an art form and is the type where a sensitive child thrives! Your other children will benefit as well, which is just an added bonus!
-Ultimately, what I’m teaching you is trust. Come learn and as a result create lasting bonds with your sensitive child.

Lunch is provided

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$85 per person
$110 per couple

Held at Art Works Eagan - 3795 Pilot Knob Rd, Eagan, MN 55122

If you’ve come upon this page without seeing the powerpoint to identify if your child falls into this category of “sensitive” please go to the Contact Page and let me know you’d like the parenting sensitive children informational session link. Thanks! (It’s important to me, it’s a match for you.)


Tell your friends so they can learn to make deep connections with their sensitive child too.