Think about a situation or times you struggle with parenting your conscious, sensitive child. Answer the following questions to help me see how I can potentially help you. I’ll email a response sharing things that came to mind to support your journey, this may include

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Do you wonder if there is a way to make change so your child thrives?
Do you ever worry about your child's sensitivity and how this will effect their future?
Does your child feel or seem stressed, anxious, lonely, scared or depressed and they don't know why? Or can't answer why?
As the parent do you feel unclear what to do about this?
Do you feel tired of this situation where you just want to see your child succeed and be free of this?
Do you wonder why this is happening?
Does your child struggle to create what they desire in life?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being worst, how much does this effect you personally?
Are you ready and willing to commit the time needed to learn the skills for lasting change?
Are you ready to commit financially