Highly Sensitive Children (HSC)

Sensitive + Intuitive + Introverted + Anxious


Do you have a Highly Sensitive CHILD? (HSC)

It’s challenging raising children. It’s even more challenging when you have a child who is highly sensitive or an HSC.

When we don’t know that we have a HSC, we tend to think there is something “wrong” with them, because they tend to be different and may not fit in, desire long periods of time alone and we may think this is a disorder, it’s not, it’s a rare personality type in 20% of the population.

Here’s the starting point, visit my list of parenting struggles for parents of the HSC, then sign up for the webinar where I teach you the many attributes of the HSC to learn if your child fits this unique personality type.


Our greatest desire is to see our children thrive and for us to have lasting bonds with them. This seems so easy but there is a complex relationship going on between parent and child. The highly sensitive child needs one thing and learning how to give this to them in every situation takes repetition, self-patience and grace. Once this is achieved these children become your easiest child(ren) to parent.

If you are already pretty sure your child is highly sensitive consider sign up to attend my webinar.

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Learn who can be served by Amy’s unique parenting model designed just for parents of HSC’s.


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— Jenner Linden Leader of the MagneticHeartSociety

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