Parenting Conscious Children
3 - Month Coaching

Conscious children are a little different. They may be ones who spend a lot of time hidden away, seem not to activate or engage in life as much. They may suffer from anxiety, depression and may struggle to fully find their purpose in life.

These kids are not going to respond to positivity or what can be for one reason. The other thing I see with parents of these children is they struggle because they feel they should know how to solve this situation.

I am looking for well-meaning parents who love their children and want to see them to the

Do you have a conscious child, one who is clearly sensitive, intuitive, introverted and it's confusing to parent them? If yes, there is good news. I'm offering a 3 month group coaching program starting in September just for you!

If you're feeling ready for help to get to the true core to free your child, come learn more about if this is a match for you.....

To begin I'm having conversations with parents to identify if they're a match for this program. As soon as you sign up you start receiving one-on-one coaching from me two times per month! That means you have access to get started right away.

The program is not at all a program, while there are resources offered to you to learn, the majority of the work we do will be around you being a sneaky parent and writing down times your child is acting in a way where you don't know what to do. With some simple tools and structure you'll start to turn those difficulties into opportunities that end up shining like the sun.

If you have a child who is shut down, anxious, depressed, more confusing to parent, I highly suspect you have a conscious child. Come get the support you need


Rose Smith

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