Open Yourself to a World, Which in Truth is All Yours


WHAT IS An intuitive reading?

There are people who can read energy just like reading a book. Simply or not so simply, they are able to access an energy between the atoms and read it. This energy, when turned on is all about your life and how it lays out.

Amy’s sweet spot is relationships of all kinds. She can tune in and share where to watch out in a contract you’re signing to attributes about your true love. This might seem like an uncommon ability or reach beyond what you feel is possible but it’s not. Not only is it not, you also have this ability, you just didn’t ever put it together.

If you’re struggling to make sense of your life Amy can help you put the puzzle together to see clearly who you are and how to reclaim a life where you can guide yourself effortlessly.

Come experience somebody seeing you from a completely different angle, set yourself up for a reading.


She will give you insights that will shift your perception deeply and for greater good, something that is in alignment with your own truth and heart. Amy was spot on and the way she brought it all together, helped melt many doubts and confusions. It brought a secret smile to my heart and mind.

Truly, if intuition and perception has a name, Its Amy Vasterling!
Thank you Amy!  
— Dr. Sindhu Singh, Oncologist

Looking for a speaker or teacher on Intuition?


25 Minute Intuitive Reading


50 minute Intuitive REading

All readings are completed by phone or zoom video conference call.

In person readings are currently only offered through Green Lotus Yoga in Mendota Heights (1st Thursday of the month) & Lakeville (3rd Thursday of the month).

The cost for in person readings is $65 for 30 minutes and $120 for 60 minutes.

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Likely a bit of laughter! Amy's down to earth nature will keep it a very human experience. She'll ask you to share a bit about what’s happening in your life. She is an intuitive, not a psychic so she is not here to impress you but instead help support your understanding of you. Then she’ll tune into her ability to read energy building deeper onto the questions you’ve asked sharing what action steps to take to find your sweetest path. The information is shared in a positive, motivational way and Amy can only see what you are comfortable to share, this makes for no surprises. You will be amazed at how a mere stranger minutes before you start, can make you feel like you've known her forever and even better share information there is no way she could know to help you get back to the life you want. Amy will help you open up to everything that you are and see yourself for certain through new perspective!  

All appointments are CST (Central Standard Time)
For your convenience here is a time converter

Appointments are live via video conference and can be recorded.

Amy does NOT work as a medium except for murders,
sudden accidental deaths and suicides. Inquire for pricing and information.

Amy also reads for group events. Consider hiring her for an
evening of eye-opening fun! Inquire for pricing.