The Women's Labyrinth January 2017 Homework assignment page

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 January 2017

Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 8:

This month it is simple. Get out there and Play!

What are you waiting for? Seek a local newspaper’s online calendar. I personally seek one from a local magazine I like. I could fill something every night if I wanted! Go make an adventure with getting out there and bringing new people into your inner sanctum, see if they’re a match and keep going!

Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 7:

Let’s Manifest!

The key is feeling good about yourself. So holding your abundance in place of wavering or toppling due to a belief is where you want to focus your attention for this exercise.

Over last month you got clear on what you want in life. On our large group coaching call I asked you to get really specific on what you want. Now I want you to practice working with one or several of the things you desire. Open yourself to knowing whatever comes to shape or change your thinking, experience in life or your approach is just natural change to align you with your desired manifestation.

When a belief pops up use an Abundance Jar. What’s that?
An abundance Jar is a place to write down the opposite of what belief emerges that creates wavering or topples you into lack.

Here’s an example-

If you are creating something, you may have been programmed to think other people’s creations are better than yours so you stop in your process and judge that maybe what you’ve created is not good enough.

So I have two methods for you and one of them includes the abundance jar.

1)   If we choose to rationalize the situation….

I can tell you if what you created came from who you truly are? It’s likely you’ve created magic and don’t judge it. Go with it and take the risks necessary to take what you created where it needs to go.

2) If you see you keep creating again and again and this same message comes up? Override your mind by actively choosing for that to no longer be true. Sound difficult? That’s because it takes work and most of us are looking for comfort, not work. So this is where you can use your abundance jar. Take slips of cool looking paper or grab any old thing. Get a jar, could be from the pickles you just finished or an antique jar sought from a reseller. That’s up to you. Fill your jar with the opposite of your self-doubt. In this case you might write on your slip of paper….

·      I’m able to create
·      I have the ability to use my mind, hands and body to paint, draw, sketch, write, create music, etc. (I didn’t say it had to be good, it’s that you can.
·      I create some things that I know to take further and some things I don’t want around me anymore so I create over them or give them away.
·      I accept positive feedback for the things I create.
·      I know I am enough and am choosing to love myself and what I create.

I’ve even gotten so basic with my jar that I say things like, I have teeth. No kidding! I have carpet in my house that keeps our feet warm. You have a lot. You get to eat everyday! Build on this.

I thought about giving you a very complex example too but I think I’m going to keep it simple here.

Ask yourself:

Are you currently thinking from abundance? Or lack? Touch base at each step of the way.

In your life you were likely in spots not given a fair shake. You stayed strong and this now doesn’t serve you. You could have needed a mom where there wasn’t one or needed a brother to stand up for you and instead they made fun of you. We must stand in our power, even if it means sometimes that comes with a quivering lip. When we do this and drop expectation we open ourselves more to trust and an opening to our innate ability to receive divine love. I get it! Easier said than done. 

So with your abundance jar and the tools above I want you to clearly state what you desire in your life.


-I want to earn more money next month
-I want to earn $10,000 more than I earned this month in the very next month.

-I attract a new love relationship
-My new love relationship sees who I truly am and tells me they love me.

-A new car comes my way.
-I receive a brand new Honda Pilot with a sunroof and all the trimmings, it’s a charcoal gray and drives beautifully!


As a greater example if you wanted to loose weight. You would envision what your life might look like in the process.

You may:

-See yourself playing a sport you let go years before
-See yourself going on walks with a neighbor you’d like to connect with or with one of your kids.
-See yourself eating well and that there is help to create that with or for you.

Abundance Jar

Until next time!

Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 6:

You know what you need to do this month. GET CLEAR!

You need to get clear on what you want your life to look like and what you want to experience within it.

What you are looking for is getting clear on what really makes you happy and smile. What does your ideal career look like? I want you to think about this on a “Too Good To Be True” level.

For some it may feel hard starting this process. If that’s the case, carve out some time to free-write. Here are some ideas of how to go about it.

-If you have younger kids, set them up with crayons at the table right along side you and tell them it’s quiet drawing/writing time. Set a timer of 15 minutes letting them know when the timer goes off we’ll go back to playtime.

-Set up at time on your calendar and keep it! Write for 15 minutes, don’t sit and think, just write, what you want will eventually come out. Getting playful and silly with yourself is the key to finding what you truly want.

-Spend 5 minutes upon waking to allow some ideas to come in. Keep a journal and good pen next to your bed to jot down ideas that come. Take time later to expand on them.

I’ve done this exercise many time and avoided what I really wanted. Don’t let self-sabotage get in the way! The true things you want in life will make you most successful in all ways. Go get it lady! Go get what’s yours. I need you to shine….so does everybody on earth.

To help you further here are some questions:

1)   When I was a kid I most loved to:

2)   What do I want to see happen monthly in my life?

3)   How do I want to feel?

4)   What do I want less of in my life?

5)   What do I want more of?

6)   Where do I substitute comfort for my desires? (Eating, calling a friend before coming back to yourself to find the answers, self soothing via the TV, books, a bad habit (to excess-tv and books are not evil but if they are a method of avoidance then it’s a problem).

Remember you don’t need to know how these things will become so, that is up to the universe and relies on support you will call on when you need it. For now I am purely interested in finding what serves you in life and through identifying it, it will activate. Conveniently, we’ll address the most savvy ways to manifest these desires next month!

The Last Piece……

Now with the ideas you’ve brought together do this exercise-

Take a recipe card or sheet of paper, large or small, several or one and write down on it what you want. Place it in an envelope and write the year on the outside of the envelope. Hang onto it for next month.


Remember you are limitless, what will you choose for your life to feel and look like? Give yourself permission to be who you are!


We’ve covered a lot of material up to this point. Your ability to grow, trust you and embrace the fear of change is proven through the work you’ve put forward thus far. If your attention to the modules or assignments has been sluggish, I am going to give you what women need most, time and support!

So I’m offering a Personal Action Day during our 6th month. You can use it as you see fit. Here’s the idea, we’ll as a group decide on a weekend day. My vote is a Sunday. From 11am CST until 5pm I’ll meet you on Zoom each 90 minutes to touch base on the progress you’ve made. We’ll only meet quickly to state what you’re going to work on and touch base again at each 90 minutes for you to share how things are going and the progress you’ve made.

You might use the time to:
1) Catch up on past modules or assignments you’d like to review or were missed.
2) Move a project forward that you’ve put off and would make you feel amazing to complete or make a good dent on it.
3) Spend the time in between our calls meditating, journaling, doing self-reflection, taking a slow walk, like giving yourself a mini retreat!
4) Clear out the closets you’ve put off dealing with.
5) Write letters to people with whom you want to voice your grievances or forgive and burn or release the letters to let go.

I am reaching out to you now so we can have ample time to:
-Set a date that works for most everyone
-Give you time to prepare for your action day
What you do is up to you but I am there to keep you on track through touching base and holding you accountable.

Some groups opt to do this and some do not. In order to host it I need at least three people who want to participate. We’ll choose a common date that works for everybody and I’ll send those who are interested directions on how it works.
Don’t hesitate about this, it is a great opportunity to give yourself permission to complete, create, reduce or increase something in your life. You choose what that is! Please get in touch with me for your Personal Action Day date request.

Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 5:

The Women’s Labyrinth Module 5 Personal Discovery Exercise-
In the Audio I taught you several techniques to releasing triggers, which are the seat of negativity.

During this week notice your speech patterns.
You might recognize you say something repetitively. “I’m so tired” or “I don’t know.” etc.  

Please right down your top ten negative speech patterns and email them to me. You are emailing them to me only as a method of claiming them. If you do the assignment half-way you’ll get a half-way result. You joined us here for results. You didn’t say, “Well maybe this program will magically change me without me taking any action. Nope, not you!”

If you are really want to take this exercise to it’s fullest. When you meet up with a friend or are with a group of women, ask them if they are ok if your conversation is recorded because you are doing an exercise on self-development and will delete the audio file once you’ve listened to it.

Any smart phone has a voice memo app that will work. Or I use voice pro, which was under $5 to buy. Set the phone or recorder to the side of the table with the microphone facing toward you both or all. After a short time everybody will forget the recording is happening and be themselves.

Lastly, take the audio and listen to yourself. Some people recoil when I share this exercise because they don’t like listening to their voice. Please overlook this, you aren’t there to critique your voice or belittle yourself. You are listening for intonation, vocal fray and the words you naturally choose.

Intonation (and you’ll know) can convey that you’re unsure about something you are saying.

Vocal fray is that gravely sound in the back of your throat. That can show where you again are questioning yourself or not using your voice fully to state what you feel or believe.

Word choice is the main point. You will quickly see how much you “behave”, are honest, submit, dismiss yourself or rock it! This will help you see where you are coming from. I had a conversation once that I very much wish I’d recorded!  I know it would have grown me by leaps and bounds.

If you struggle with things you say in the audio journal about them get in touch with it and get to the bottom of it. This keeps you in the space of abundance vs. heavy with questioning yourself or others.

Use the EFT and technique of asking your body where the energy resides when negativity comes up. Use EFT or journal getting into relationship with it.

Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 4:

Could it be we must live as who we are NOT in order to find and be who we truly are? Did this create a lot of anger within because it appeared to be we were rejecting ourself?

My answer sucks the big one. Sorry but it’s true and I’m going to be honest with you. The magic 8 ball said yes. So as much as we can’t point a finger we can start to use this information to choose who we are. Through caution and our developing trust we branch into new relationships, let old ones go. We use our power through boundaries.

I encourage you this month to release the fear and anxiety through holding your power. When people speak and say something icky in response to you, act on it, say something.

Here’s an example:

Sometimes when I meet my husband mid-week for lunch or to run an errand during the workday…and let me pause here to share, I work alone at home…..usually in pajamas, for days on end. Now you’ve got the picture! He will ask me why I’m dressed up? Maybe wrongly and maybe not I feel like he can’t figure out why I’d want to look good. What I really want is for him to say I look nice.

So when he does this and I realize it two weeks later. I tell him. The more we do this the more we regard ourselves and guess what? They shift along with us. So we’ll eventually get to a place where we’ll know in that very moment what we’d like instead. And that my friends? That’s powerful. People want to know what we want and now we can authentically communicate it and get results! Who’s in? Hop on it this week and forever more…….AUTHENTICALLY:

1) State what you’d like to see instead of what was said, even if it’s later because better later than never (or that stinky pattern perpetuates).
2) Evaluate your friendships, do these people say icky things to you? It might be time for a reevaluation. As we let go of those minor or majorly squeaky people? We make room for those who are “our people”.
3) Evaluate your love relationship, are you getting what you need? Do they have the goods for the long haul? Do they help you thrive? (address the fear of being alone vs. compromising too much of who you are. We need you!)


Hold boundaries and state your feelings even if they aren’t well received. This is time to practice. You’ll see how it melts frustration and anger away like nothing else.

Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 3:

Ways to stop the train…..Step One get a revolving practice-

It’s time to slow it all down. To slow the response in our brain and achieve a state of more and more calm and peace. One sure-fire way to make this change is to slow your life down. Sound impossible? It’s not.

When things get moving too fast and there is too much to do, especially things that don’t come easily for you? It’s time to reevaluate if what you are doing in life serves you or doesn’t.

Ask yourself, does what you’re doing move you closer to what you desire? Or just create more frenzy in your life?

1) Slow walking (meditation)

a) I carry my shoes with me walking as slowly as possible for about 3 miles or so as often as I can. It is impressive how it slows your thoughts down. This is ESPECIALLY GOOD FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE CREATIVE OR AN AGGRESSIVE MIND.

2) Use your Brain dump/morning pages! WRITE until you break the cycle of your mind trying to overtake you.

3) Making room for good sleep

4) Kundalini Yoga (Or Spiritual yoga)

5) Move to green Tea over coffee

6) Focused intention meditation. (I do this daily about my career success and for the relationships in my life. 5 minutes is all I do!)

Do one or more of these as you need them. You might not need to do them everyday or maybe that feels best? You choose based on what makes you feel better.

Step Two-It’s time to focus on you-

Identify three things that nurture you-

·      Massage

·      Talking to a friend on the phone

·      Going on a slow walk with yourself

·      Doing something creative for the fun of it

·      Going out to a movie by yourself

Many of us have this issue with our amygdala because we gave too much to others for so long and forgot about ourself. When others were happy we felt we should be happy too but they were happy because we were bending over backward for them and giving them everything.

People are more capable than you think. Give them some of their responsibilities back. I’ve even asked my kids to ask for a ride from a friend’s parent so I could continue to work, then I’ll pick them both up at the end of the event. Think about what support you can ask for. Or if you rely heavily on yourself only, make a list of what needs to get done and prioritize and even with this ask for help where you need it.

Here is a youtube video on Empowering vs. enabling:

Emergency Kit-

A) For moments of intense fear-Squeeze your spine and release (5 times). This takes practice, if you can visualize where those muscles are next to your spine and squeeze your whole back until you can localize to just these muscles around your spine. You can do it! Try it. This mimics the heartbeat and stimulates your nervous system to settle down.
B) Shaking your body all at once for about 30 seconds can calm you down.
C) When you are in a state of caught in the intensity of your thoughts it is time to surrender. Stating “I surrender, I surrender”. Surrender until your mind has stopped overtaking you.
D) You have entered a state of allowing now ask for support to fulfill your struggle or problem.

If you continue to do this you will release the current situational struggles that come up in life, keeping you more calm on a regular basis, you not only achieve a natural state of more calm you open yourself further to your intuition!

Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 2: 

One of the goals of these Personal Discovery Assignments is to teach you how to be gentle with yourself. Meander through what I’ve written below not as a task, instead as an exercise in taking in the information. Don’t work hard at this, just be with it. Allow it to unfold in your life. Come back and read it again later and see if what came up in the way of feelings and ideas changed from the first time through. Don’t take life so seriously, go easy and you’ll find your answers just the same way, with ease!

We are seeking Sovereignty

“Well-behaved women rarely made history” ~Anonymous

While in all circumstances I’m certain this is untrue, we must upset the apple cart in some cases to elicit change on a grand scale. Don’t be afraid. If we let go of the BIG story that holds us in a small level of “accepted” while playing small we disserve ourself and others too. It is time to open up our true story, sharing the truth of who we are. We do this with open eyes at the risk of possibly “letting it all go” (loosing it all). Then we find the fullness of love for ourself and others around us surround us in love too.

We now deserve to build a love relationship with ourself. Even if this means others we tried to love and who couldn’t love us back have to go by the wayside. This is not mean or cruel. It is simply natural consequence! The divine is also natural consequence. The divine didn’t put up mountains and then protect us from walking off of them. We learned by getting hurt and not doing it again. We cannot afford to hold up anybody’s story any longer. If we do and we keep getting hurt it means we are not learning the lesson.

Achieve self-governing or sovereignty, meaning nobody knows better for you than you through remember these tips-

1) Staying out of your mind and feeling your way through is the way to do this.

·      We are moving away from judgment in humanity as a whole.

·      We are moving into discernment, “feeling your way through”, “Knowing through sensing” vs “Knowing from facts or opinion”.

·      Remember you don’t know their side of the story! You can’t judge them and they cannot judge you. If they are or you are judging you are creating or are part of a messy situation! Get out of it, pronto!

·      For more inspiration listen to this podcast-



2) Operate off what you feel vs. what you think

·      Don’t do what others think or feel is right for you, no more! This doesn’t serve them or you. No, no, no.


3) Meet your goals through being unafraid to claim who you are. You must put you behind it. What does that mean? Act in the ways that ARE YOU, if you fake it people will know, if you carry fear? People will know. If you hide one part of yourself? You hide everything.

Questions to ask to help hold your power are:

·      “What do you mean by that?”

·      “I don’t know I’ll have to think about it and get back to you”

·      “I know something you don’t know and you’ve had a good many years to figure this out and that loss is on you.” (This is to be used with the ultra-narcissist in your life. Somebody who no matter what thwarts you to stay out of having to be vulnerable with you.

(What you know that they don’t is you know how to love you and they never understood or cared to figure out how to love you. In this statement you are speaking the truth leaving their nervous system in overdrive and rendering them speechless.)

What are your needs? I want you to feel your way through this answer in an effort to elicit sovereignty.

If you need extra reinforcing on this you have my permission to watch or re-watch “The Crown” on Netflicks. Now go have some fun! (And no need to ask for permission, that’s out and doing what you feel inside is IN!)

What we are creating is comfort in expressing ourselves through being heard, seen, captivating others and acting from empowerment.

This noble cause is for us and to show the generations after us how to shift what was into what is now. We can stay zombies and walk around saying “What the hell is Amy talking about?” Or we can step up and create real personal change.

You decide who you are

·      You decide how you operate in life independently in thought and choice of actions.
·      You uphold your needs and honor them even when other cannot understand or support you in them.

So I ask you this-

What shifts do you want to make in your life that change your history?

There’s the story about the ham from last week’s audio……

Tip to getting there……

Brain Dump-

To start figuring out who you are I want you to use the Brain Dump-

It’s time to use your practice. Between now and when you meet with your small group I want you to use the brain-dump everyday. Write 3 pages or for 20 minutes, whichever happens first.


Write in one sitting until that part of your ego quiets completely. You may write 9 pages in 90 minutes. The idea is to keep writing and not to distract with using the bathroom or grabbing a cup of tea or taking out the frozen veggies for dinner. No. Keep writing, keep going!

You ROCK! I mean it!!!! You can do this and I am here to see you do, so hop on it lady! Find your full voice, step away from those who’ve been hurting you for so long. Love yourself so much you become an untouchable!


Personal Discovery Exercise for Module 1:

Ready? Yes you are! 
Here is assignment #1. Did your hands just start sweating? Don’t fear, this is fun “homework.” Don’t take it too seriously, what’s most important is you answer the questions and start. Then at your small group the greater pieces are likely to come forward. In this exercise I am trying to show you how community supports ideas. It shares perspective and experience, which helps everybody grow.
Answering these questions helps you start the process of looking at your life and who you are and what your mission in life is through how you see yourself-
 1) Who are you?
 2) What do you do?
 3) Why do you do it?

a) Answer as though they are core answers for your mission in life. (for now….remember you just need a starting point)

You may answer these questions from the perspective of each facet of your life, just one, a few or all in one. That’s up to you!
1) Career
2) Relationship
3) Health
4) Spiritual life
5) Life Purpose
You add more…….
Here’s an example:
Who are you? (It’s ok to use only one core attribute or use a statement)
"I am Wisdom"
"I am Organized and Efficient"
What do you do? (Sentence or statement)
"I share and impart wisdom and values with my community"
"In an organized and clear way I activate my community to greater purpose"
Why do you do it?
"To support my community through my vision"
"To help my community stay connected and move forward collectively."

If you struggle with the exercise, just start writing. Write anything on the page and keep going without thought, you might write Blah, blah, blah….just to keep writing. Then when truer words arrive, don’t stop and do not judge them. Just keep writing, the even more true words will show up!
Go even deeper-
What does this knowing about who I am promote in our world?
"Acceptance of our emotions and self"
"Connection and resilience"
How do I promote this in our world?
"Through staying authentic people trust me and my energy, let’s face it my journey has taught me to be humble, vulnerable and powerful."
Bring your answers to your small group coaching call.
Coming up is your small group coaching call, please note:
1) Make sure you have the time and date for the call. (Your group facilitators will be in touch.)
2) Make sure you have the number to dial-in for your group call. (Your facilitator will send you this via email.)
3) Have your homework ready to share. Don’t be shy, this is your chance to express your thoughts in an environment that supports you! Go for it!
4) In your small group, each person needs time to share so setting a timer when it’s your turn can be a great way to keep things moving.
5) There are no wrong answers. You may have a group-mate who is stuck and is wrestling to figure things out in their life, or maybe that’s you! It is ok, share what you can now and maybe bring it back to the group with your ideas next month. Challenge yourself but never push by just “saying anything”. Instead make it count! Share some of your ideas and if you’re not feeling it? You just might need some time to figure it all out.

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