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Women's Labyrinth
Frequently Asked Questions

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Who benefits most from this program?

The Women’s Labyrinth is for women who feel stuck, confused, or are struggling to know which direction to turn to resolve it. You are supported to realize your own solution through purposely crafted modules and monthly themes, which allow introspection and clarity. 

What we're doing here is learning how to feel safe enough to express ourselves. This process takes learning to trust your world, the close-proximity players within your relationships and ourself. As we glean this connection to trust we open doors once again to the fullness of receiving.

We also learn to receive in place of give; an important shifting point for women at this time.

This program is NOT for you if you are currently in crisis or feel your are a victim of circumstances. Both of these states need a different type of support then is offered in the Labyrinth.

What if I miss a monthly meeting or can’t make the live monthly meetings?

You can still reap all the amazing benefits of being in this group even if you miss a live Large Group Coaching call. All live calls will be recorded.
*It is important (and essential) to participate in your Small Group Call and all efforts will be made to arrange a time for your small group to meet that will work for every participant to be live on the call. The Small Group Calls allow you a key element of this program so please make them a priority.

What if I have questions that come up in between the live group calls?

Your community is here to support you 24-7 and Facebook is always open. Just pop into the Facebook group and post your question there. If it’s a question for me, just tag me and I will respond directly to your comment in the group within 48 hours, usually I’ll respond faster than that! If it’s a general question, put it out there on Facebook and other Labyrinth women will help you find the support you need to find your answer.

I want in, but I don’t have the money to pay for the full year right now.

That’s okay! That’s why I offer the three payment method. I also offer discounts for referring new members. I’m all about finding a solution that works for you and your life!

Sound great, but I’m a busy women. Do I really have time for this?

Yes! The Women’s Labyrinth is designed to work with your life. The more energy you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Life can come with ups and downs, busy times and slow days. Trust the process and allow yourself to put in the amount of energy that is comfortable for you.

That said, you can expect to commit a few hours a month to this. The maximum number of hours depends on you and your level of engagement with the many opportunities that I present to go deeper. You are committing to your long term growth and to me that is really worth your time spent. 

How much one-on-one time is available in this program? I really feel like I need that in order to break through my blocks.

I truly believe that a supportive community combined with guided self-discovery are the two most powerful ingredients when creating an ideal life. You will find both of these items in abundance within Women’s Labyrinth. During the Live Large Group Coaching calls you'll have a chance to ask me questions to get personal support. If you find more one-on-one time is needed you can arrange a private session with me at a discounted price.

What if I get in and decide it’s not for me?

I’ve got you covered there, too. Sign up for my email list at the button just below and there you'll receive a sample of a Large Group Call so you can see how things work before signing up. 

When are payments due?

For the pay at once plan all is paid in full in one sum at the time of signing up.

For the payment plan the first of the payments is due upon sign-up. The remaining payments are due at the same date you signed up for the two following months and can be made via credit or debit card. 


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