Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time Zone are my sessions with Amy in? 

A. CST (Central Standard Time) for your convenience here is a time zone converter


Q. Where are my MP3's?

A. A link will be available for you through an email sent from Amy. Please watch for this email, it will have many details about your package. 

Q. Amy's Pre-recorded MP3 teaching modules, how fast should I listen to the integration MP3 that matches the class?

A. These classes are built to allow you to go deeper in to the situation that's left you stuck so you can learn how to do this work for yourself as you step forward in life. 

a) Listen to the MP3 teaching module
b) Wait 3 days
c) Listen to the corresponding integration MP3

Q. How do I call in for my session? Regarding a one-on-one session

A. Sessions are conducted with clients via webcast or through a dial-in phone option. You will receive call-in details with these options in an email once your session is scheduled.

Q. How do I prepare for a session? Regarding a one-on-one session

A. Please come ready with your question(s) and concerns, you'll get more from the appointment if we can quickly focus on what struggle(s) you'd like to work on. In a 30 minute session we can cover 1 to 2 questions. In a 45 minute session we can cover 3 questions. 

Q. What happens during a session? Regarding a one-on-one session

A. Sessions are done over the phone or via webcast.  During a session, the issues to be addressed are discussed and then the work begins.  In this interactive appointment you may be asked questions and will be given information read from your energy field.  It is ok to ask questions during your session to better understand the information being shared.

Q. What will I feel during or after the session? Regarding a one-on-one session

A. People usually feel very uplifted, inspired, and have a greater sense of clarity and calm about their situations and decisions after a session.  This comes from a greater understanding of why they are where they are, and how to move forward in the direction they choose through new perspective. The feelings of being subjected to forces outside of one’s own control, or being a victim, are replaced with a new sense of empowerment and peace.

Q. Are there any negative side effects from my session? Regarding a one-on-one session

A. You will simply feel better. Sometimes I’ve seen the integration of new information happen for many of my clients over the next two to three days after their session. This shows how gentle the process indeed is. There is no reason why symptoms or feelings should get worse before they get better, you will just feel better!

Q. What are you doing when you are working on me during the session? Regarding a one-on-one session

A. During the session, I am connecting to “quantum field,” or universal energy to read the energy about you. I can only see what you are willing to share and your soul knows to gate-keep what is not ready to be revealed. I will tap into universal energy to bring you the answers to your most pressing situations about your life and give you tools on how to shift and change these matters. You will gain perspective on how you spiritually fit into the picture of your now dynamically lived life. 

Q. Do I have to believe in it to work?

A. No, this is non-denominational, has nothing to do with faith. It really is about your innate nature and nothing else. I’ll be reading energy about you and how you can shift in life then I’ll activate healing energy only where needed.

Q. Is the session recorded? Regarding a one-on-one session

A. Yes the sessions are recorded and you will receive a replay link and in some cases downloadable audio file after each session.

Q. How often can I listen to the MP3?

A. Listen to the MP3 as often as you like. Listening to what your body and mind want is the best way to gauge when and how often you need to listen. 

Q. Can I share my MP3 with others?

A. These MP3 are yours only and It’s recommended that you do not share them with others. You may share your MP3s with those in your household. If you share the MP3 copy with others, just note that the healing energies will not come through with these copies. You can help others by including them into your healing as you play the MP3.

Q. Can I listen to an MP3 on a loop?

A. Yes, you can listen to any MP3 on a continuous loop or put on repeat play even when you are working. You can leave it on silent or listen to it out loud. The energies will still work the same way.

Q. How often can I listen to an MP3 on loop?

A. Listen to an MP3 on a loop as much as you’d like. Integration of this information should take place in one session. If you feel yourself slipping back into a pattern, reintegrate the energy by using the audio again. However, you are welcome to listen to the audios as often as you like.

Q. Are the MP3s safe for everyone?

A. Yes the MP3s are safe for children, adults, and pets. The body will only take whatever energies it needs. 

Q. Can I get a refund after an MP3 is purchased?

A. Due to the difference in health levels and how fast the body wants to heal results may vary. Therefore, once an MP3 is purchased it is yours to keep. There are no refunds.

Q. Can I get a refund for a session? Regarding a one-on-one session

A.Sessions are all non refundable. You may reschedule your one-on-one appointment 24 hours prior to your currently scheduled appointment, using your scheduling confirmation email to rebook your new day and time. If you are not able to find this email, send me a message at with “Need to Reschedule” in the subject line.