Eau Claire Workshops - at Soulstice Wellness Center 

Connecting Spiritual concepts and bringing clarity

Law of Attraction

Saturday July 14th 10-11:30am $30

Have you wondered what the law of attraction is? Have you heard about it but don’t fully understand how it works? Or are you learning about it and would like another perspective to move you further on your manifestation journey? In this workshop you’ll be given stories, concepts and resources to take your ability to manifest your desires to the next level. Amy is a seasoned teacher, intuitive reader and studier of the Law of Attraction. She will give concrete answers that will have you leaving the class looking at your life and your potential differently.

See it Like the Intuitive - Vision Board Minis

Saturday July 14th 12:30-3:30pm $30

This one of a kind workshop will leave you manifesting your highest good. Come listen to a Live Intuitive Reading which will cover what is going on for us energetically for the next two months. Then everything is supplied for you to make a vision board to savvily navigate those two months by setting up this visual intention. Some participants make one mini board per month we cover and some put both months in one. You get to decide as this is your first step in creating your journey for the months to come! 

Vip Dinner w/ Amy

Saturday July 14th 4:30-6pm No Charge*

Join Amy for a meal at a local restaurant in Eau Claire. We'll have a meal together where you can ask questions about intuition, how Amy's journey lead her to where she is or other curiosities you have about the world of intuition. *There is no charge for this event, just the cost of your food and beverage! Join us! 

Restaurant TBA


Evening Gallery Reading

Saturday July 14th 7-9pm $25

Amy is a seasoned Intuitive Reader who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to getting to the bottom of what's going on for her clients or for her own spiritual development and understanding. She is a thought leader, highly sought speaker, presenter and teacher in the areas of career and relationships of all types. Her insight helps people see the opportunity in what is going on in our world. The effect is a positive way to look at world, life or personal events so we can live freely instead of manage or wrestle through life. Amy's humor, very human approach and ability to assimilate information so it is easily understood makes her stand out.

Amy will take as many personal questions from the group who convenes as possible. (She might not be able to get to everyone). Amy is not a psychic or medium, so be prepared to share a little back story about your situation so she can give you the most information in the short time we have. She'll start with a quick introduction about who she is and then move quickly into the reading time to cover the most amount of information. 


If you attend each of the three (paid) events on June 2nd a discount of $15 is given, meaning instead of your day costing $85 it is $70. Take us up on it and sign up for a day of intuition, growth and learning! 

Soulstice Wellness Center
1316 Fairfax St. STE #103 #104
Eau Claire WI 54701

We are located in the Heritage Plaza off  Fairfax St., Fenwick Ave. and Hastings Way/old 53
Chippewa Valley Sporting Goods, Regis High School and the 5 O’clock club bar are local landmarks.


Choice is Power

Enjoy learning and want more? Here are more workshop titles Amy teaches. If these are topics of interest, let us know and we'll get them booked in the future at Eau Claire!

2) "Playing Ball-Learning to create healing energy to give or for yourself." 1.5 hours (Lecture/Interactive) (A starting point to energy healing using visualization & Intention)
3) "The Law of attraction" 1.5 hours (From basics to high end manifestation, learn about zero point, present/future, how to align yourself, synchronicity and more.)
4) Parenting - 3 simple concepts to raising empowered children. (30mins Plus 1 hour Q&A) (Can include audio series I've created for parenting too at an extra charge)
5) How Relationships Shape You 1.5 hours (This workshop gives understanding to why relationships are the way they are right now and how to work with them.)
6) Journey of the "Wayfinder," understanding our current world, how it is changing and the part we each play. 30 min lecture. 1 hour Q&A/Discussion
7) You and your Intuition, a personal journey (or a spiritual puberty) 1.5 hours (Lecture/discussion)