It’s not about being an artist. It’s not about being good at art. It is about your innate ability to self-express, to create answers that dwell deep within or perhaps you’ll find not so deep so you can remember who you are and what you want to do about it without the shit monster telling you to stop or you’ll die. This time you won’t die, I promise.


Promised changes or just generally good things that come from this:

1) You’ll get in touch with a practice you can use everyday you need it and this 30  prompt start creates a whole portfolio of ideas, musings and concept to use as a stepping stone.

2) You can’t hide your feelings when you mess around with ideas because feelings are what intuitively lead you to what you want.

3) Many people think better when they draw, write or create visual ideas and I find many of these people happen to be my clients.

4) You may tap into something unexpected because you are opening yourself to all possibility and releasing yourself from the vision of your life as it is now. You can create dreams, worlds and ideas that are expansive. If this happens, I am available to support you into those dreams because they are possible and you deserve to get them met.

……And there’s a chance you’ll manifest a desire to love more deeply, seek pleasure in ways you forgot and live your life a bit more boldly.

Here you go.....

We’re going to work out a few little kinks before we get clear. I want to set the stage so please start gently thinking about the one thing in your life you would like to get clear about. This could be:

Your relationship with your mom.

Your desire to stay or leave your career path.

The want for a love relationship

The want to overhaul your current love relationship. (Take that old RV of a relationship and turn it into a luxury pop out bus! But only if that’s your dream.)

Confused about what to do next in life?

Confused about your life purpose?

Want clarity on how a truly supportive friend group would look?

Scared or fearful and want to feel free and courageous?

Or get clear on the best ways to wink so you become an expert winker!



Please remember each step of the way:

1) Don’t get stressed about this. Expectant vs. Expectations. Have fun! If you’re not having fun doodle through it quickly and let go! –Stay Childlike-

Why? Because it helps you surpass fear. Yes, really.

2) Get messy! That might be emotionally or physically. Don’t worry about messing up, making a mess or crying your eyes out, go with it, those are the moments that reveal “glints” or the wonderful things about you.

3) When you are taking this clarity and making decisions with it, create a timeline for yourself so you act on what you now know is true. Staying the same keeps things the same. Revealing your passion? Creates a passionate life.


Think way the hell beyond the sky as the limit! What are you waiting for? Hop on it! Let’s get started. 


Don’t stress, expectancy vs. expectations. Stay Child-like.  Your job is to fill up the space, play big. When you start judging it. STOP. Like trying to hold down a regurgitation in your throat, stop and allow the sensation to be felt and move along. This IS you using the journal at it’s fullest. We must go through the feelings to go out of the feelings. Stay with it. Pretend I am there holding your hand or giving you a hug or kicking you in the pants!

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Grab a journal! A watercolor journal is ideal at 30 pages or more. Or if part of the process is to make your own journal gain INSPIRATION HERE from the journal process I share. 


Here are the 30 prompts: Enjoy! 


Prompt One: Greed, Evil and the rest of them.

Meet your current maker. Draw the thing that makes you stay little, stay low, stay vs. run around like a puppy who wants to love everybody in a non-horrish sort of way. Leg humping is totally ok if you can’t help yourself.

Prompt Two: There is no wrong answer here.

Did creating an image or impression of your evil make you see how lame it really is? How not real and not terrifying it is? When I’ve done this I have laughed so hard milk came out my nose and I wasn’t even drinking milk. And it reaffirmed that I don’t need to drink alcohol because I am silly enough, fun enough and wild enough without it. Wear a pad if you think you’ll pee yourself when you visit your monster today.

Still look at that freakish fucker and feel afraid? I get you! No problem! Stay with it and if everyday you need to square off a piece of your page and dialogue with your monster? Flipping do it! That is YOU BEING VULNERABLEand that my friend is your way out of the shitty-shit-shit of fear. Well done because if you are willing to do the work? You will embody the result.

Posers? If you are trying to pretend to laugh at your monster and yet he still looms? Reevaluation time! Keep drawing him until there is NO charge.

So today, day #2? Draw your little monster at a tea party or at a park. These drawings, scrawlings don’t have to be good. They need to be created. You are helping yourself laugh at this thing and see it as no bigger than it really is….little.

Prompt Three: This is it. Last day training your monster. Inquire. Sit quietly for a minute and ask it what it wants to do. Draw it in that scene. Each day if you need? Draw it in a scene to shut that sucker up. You have my permission.

One time I was cross country skiing on America’s top world class ski trails. I was at kilometer marker 13. As I approached I asked my monster what it wanted to do. It said “I want to play at the park.” So I visualized my little monster going to the park to my left and playing. Then I visualized my spirit going to where I’m from on the other side to have tea with a friend. Lastly, my humanness cheered my body on. Next thing you know I looked up and I was at km 18. What? How did I ski one of the most difficult courses in the world with no recollection? Magic. Hell no. I got in the zone and lost sense of self. That’s the magic we have when we give the monster an outlet. What does your monster want to do?

Prompt Four: What in your life is run-of the mill? What in your life do you want to lift that old run of the mill up into? Who are you becoming? Reveal a tiny bit of that by showing the impression through color, imagery, etc. of what is now true and fuse that into bleeding, dripping or transforming down your page into what you want the foundation of your life to become.


Prompt Five: Remove the run-of the mill.

Now take the imagery from yesterday and bubble out all aspects of your life that feel like they hold you back. If it is a sabotaging relationship, put it in there. If your cat barfs everyday on your chest waking you up and you want that to stop? Draw it in there (and take your damn cat to the vet already!). If your co-worker always says things to you that are offputting, draw them halfway off the page. They no longer get room in your life, not the cat, not the offputting co-worker, not the sabotaging relationship. Nope. Bubble them out of your life.

Prompt Six: Now let’s turn the tide. Focus on what you do want. We are only getting clear here. No pressure to make it happen. Focus on what the hell you want to replace what is currently going on for you. You might chose:

I want to feel free. Then to feel free you realize that would be having people around you who outwardly are grateful for what you create in life. That dinner you made was recognized!

You might want to feel joy. This signals that your life has been in a creative rut and you might just need some time off each week to recalibrate. Ask yourself how you can get a little chunk of time alone.

As a child my father had a darkroom for developing film right in our home. I would sneak in there from time to time and lock the door to create and hide out. My own cool, dark space to make creativity come alive. Now as an adult I declare I need a mama church day in my bedroom alone. What’s that? I take from about 11am or noon until 6pm and go be alone. I catch up on things I wanted to watch that feed me spiritually or watch movies, read a book, etc. I had to declare it and if somebody comes in while I’m doing this? I use whatever accent I have at the ready and I keep stating, “Go away, get out of here and I don’t choose to hear what they have to say.” This is the way I train my people. This is what I call self-preservation. It’s time to train your people. Go now, do it!

Prompt Seven: All this week I want you to focus on clarity. Just that clarity. Now go ahead, draw, sketch, create anything that feels good (and that doesn’t mean it has to look good).

 Or…..make a list in your journal and spice it up with color and doodles. This week hold the energy of asking the universe to present to you the clarity you desire to understand what comes next in your life.



Prompt Eight: Ask yourself the honest question what is the theme you’ve chosen? It’s time to real this in a little more and focus. Don’t worry, tomorrow will be fun and so will this. If you could see everything on your life going down a waterslide….stay with me…..what would you grab and keep and what would you let go?

My husband and I had this conversation although it was positioned a little differently about the contents of our home, considering kids, cats and we were already chosen. We both chose without thought these photos we have from the Great Minnesota Get Together, the state fair. Each year since we met we go to a photo booth at the fair and have 4 photos taken, 4 minutes later out pops a strip of these photos. We’re nearing the quarter century mark with these and wow is it fun to watch how we’ve changed, we’ve added kids and the kids even behave differently from the first photos of them to now or course! While there are a few other things we’d grab, who is worth grabbing and spending energy to remove from your water slide of life?

Prompt Nine: Nature tour! Tree fort? Walk in the woods? Oh lala! Journal in the woods???? Get your keester outside, bundle up if it’s cold. Go out and see what nature has to tell you. Then come back and report it in your journal.

I met this women at an intuitive event many years back. Truly she looked like what we epitomize as a witch. Trust me, if she looked like Jesus I’d say it so please don’t take offense to me saying she looked like a witch. She had a think mane of white streaming hair, squinty eyes, a kind yet somewhat guarded disposition. Anyway, she told me one day she was so sick so she climbed a tree on her property, did I mention she was old? She fell asleep in the tree for 3 hours. Upon awakening she felt healed. She said, “Amy, trees are natural healers.” To which I replied, “How did you not fall out of the tree?”.

Prompt 10: Introspection Day. You’ve been to the woods, you’ve sniffed the flowers. Now where the hell is your power? Look inside and get comfy with your journal and some art goodies. Ask yourself about your power and then reflect it back in your journal. Do this through feeling your way through. Be ok if your body, mind, heart or whatever gives you an esoteric answer. No noodling on it, just go with it.

Prompt 11: Expose your underbelly day. What’s holding you back. After some introspection. What do you feel is holding you back? Get quiet and ask yourself this question. Trust what comes first. Share this in your journal.

Prompt 12: 12 drummers drumming, 4 calling birds…..

What do you wish you could multiply in your life? What is it you wish you could take and make bigger and bigger? Get on a journal page and flesh that out.

 Prompt 13: Lucky 13! It’s time to look at what support you need in life to crack open how you can multiply and make bigger the parts of your life you rescued from the water slide. What matters to you and who can help you achieve it? If it makes you afraid to do it? Those are the things to go after and journal about. Sick, I know. Now get on it!

Prompt 14: Fear Factor Do a journal entry working through how to ask for help from the person or people you identified yesterday.

This may turn out to be odd stuff. You might ask for somebody to bring you dinner once a week or invite you to theirs! You may ask for somebody to go to an appointment with you so you have an extra eye. I once helped somebody buy a car because they didn’t want to do it on their own. I’ve asked people I don’t know to watch my laptop while I work at a restaurant so I can use the bathroom. It can be simple or complex. If you find it hard to start, write down what you want. For me I needed to periodically work away from home so I could better focus. I looked at the bathroom as an obstacle until I found a restaurant that constantly has people in it. Voila! Problem solved. (That may sound lame to you but to me this is a big deal because I am an efficiency queen. Even as a child I would very often say to others, “Just a minute, just a minute.” Ha!)

Prompt 15: All work and no play? Get out and play! What does play look like to you? Go swinging at a park? Skipping stones on a body of water? Collecting rocks or shells? Having an ice cream eating contest with your favorite child? Go, do it. And today, journal a childhood memory about your favorite way to play.

I had a tire swing in my yard as a child and a lake and woods in my backyard. I spent hours and hours of my childhood in those woods! I’d go there everyday by myself and run around. I also played with barbies but I wasn’t very interested in the barbies living their life. What I wanted was to create a beautiful home for them and dress them with flair. I also loved animals and liked to create art. These are all still things I LOVE to do. Recall good memories, have a little gratitude for your little you. Why? Because you were amazing and damn it, you still are!

Prompt 16: Today’s assignment is go be naughty!  Go to a five and dime. Where I live there are these surplus stores that rage with truly ODDS and ends. Go sneak into a corner and trace some items into your journal. Take $5 and see how many things you can buy with it. Go be naughty and a little silly too.

Prompt 17: Any personal demons that have arrived in this process, make a new home for them. Transform them from demon to a flower next to a stream. Visualize this energy transforming, transmuting and flat out changing to something of beauty that now nourishes the earth.

Psst! I teach about intuition and am going to give you a little tip I know from being an energy reader. There is no such thing as a demon. It is only energy trying to get your attention. The more it wants your attention? The more it will persist. If it showed up in the first place? You are already able to understand it’s energy. No kidding. Shut up, it’s true! That energy that is malevolent? It is just misplaced, displaced or misunderstood. That’s all.

 Make a new home for your demons. Get to it!


Prompt 18: And it burns, burns, burns that ring of fire, that ring of fire. What emotions have replayed for you again and again in your life, in this process? Self-doubt? Anger? FRUSTRATION? Lay it on us! This is a sign these emotions have likely been a spot holding you back in life and keeping you from clarity. So create a wonderful journal entry on it!

Prompt 19: Fantasy Island! Remember that show? I loved it! So today, make an island. Place on your island your deepest fantasy’s in your life. I have some I am almost embarrassed to share. I’d love to meet Jim Carey at a party and not introduce ourselves, just start acting and responding to each other like fools. Then part without saying a word about it, leaving others caught off guard.

What experience would you like to have in life that lights your life on metaphorical fire? Do share!

Prompt 20: What is extreme about your clarity? Take your clarity to the extreme? See if we can see all angles of the clarity we’ve created a landscape for it’s potential to ignite!

Prompt 21: Wash the windows so you can see out. If you look outside of your life and see the lives of others, what do you see in the way they behave in life and the way they receive that you admire?

Prompt 22: Make your statement. God/source/universe says we’re ready. Are you ready? Yes, you are. Make the statement. What is it you’ve gotten clarity around? What is the statement that has come for you about your problem. We aren’t necessarily looking for the solution but the catalyst to create lasting change so the solution arrives. You get me?

Prompt 23: Don’t ever do it. Don’t live your dream or get clear. Nothing makes us want it more than being told no. So today’s journal entry is about somebody who has sabotaged you in the past telling you “Nope, you can’t have or be clear on this thing you’ve chosen to be clear about.” Tell them with fiest (call on my energy if you need) that you are doing it. In your journal give them the finger and tell them no more. “I don’t share with life suckers.” I only share with safety pops. Remember those suckers? I used to get them as a child when we went to the butcher. Shit, that was a long time ago.

Prompt 24: Pray or meditate about your clarity. What comes up for you to develop it further or keep it simple? Go with it, journal and meditate/pray, journal and meditate/pray. Repeat. Make sure you pray, not prey. You got me?

Prompt 25: Have a party for your clarity. Journal it and share that. I’d love to see if there is home brew at your party or you prefer cucumber water. What’s your clarity like at it’s party? Did Martha Stewart plan it or did your clarity rip open a bag of chips and crack open canned chili?

Prompt 26: Write a poem or story about your clarity. Why you ask? Because you are wooing your clarity. Yes you are. And yes, tomorrow you are going to take your clarity on a damn date so shut your pie hole and give it the gift of your creativity. Don’t judge what you create, just open yourself to what’s possible if you give your clarity some love. I love that you are loving your clarity and maybe that’s all you need. No its not! Go nourish it with attention. I’ll shut the door now, you lock it behind me.

Only share your post up to an “R” rating.

Prompt 27: We’re closing in. How are you feeling? Let’s have a day to start to come back to neutral with our clarity. Now that we’ve held it like a baby, we’ve dated it and snuggled it while we slept. You didn’t do that? Well then do it each time you loose sight of it after our days are complete together. Journal entry star log 27, “Today I feel…..”

Prompt 28: 28 is a magic number. It is the timeline for parasite regeneration, the moon cycle, menstrual cycles, that’s odd, I just heard a big groan from the crowd reading this. You get me, we cycle as humans and if you’re a women, you CYCLE a lot. This process is true to our nature so to honor that in conjunction with our newly won clarity journal about how you will manage this clarity through the cycles of your life. When things are busy you don’t have to ditch your clarity. You can simply honor that it’s not time to act on it or develop it further. It’s just simply time to be. Honor potential cycles you can identify in your life and how can you manage to nurture or create a gentle plan for your clarity during these ebbs and flows?

I think this is forward to say so I will! I love you and know you can do it! Why don’t you love you and know you can do it? That’s the reason for the plan.

Prompt 29: Holy man alive! We are almost ready to hit the red button. Did you miss a day? Did you fall behind? Did you loose your momentum? Well that is ok because you can go back and revisit these topics and now go at your own pace. Today there is no journal entry. Today is catch up day. Or it is a free day. In a way it is a personal test to see if you stop for a day will you be able to pick it up tomorrow? Yes you can. That’s a person! Well done, I see somebody who can really stick with things, that’s you!

Prompt 30: When in doubt error to yes. Now is the time to take your clarity and make art to post around your house or leave this page open to remind you of the one statement you came to about your clarity, maybe this page is how your clarity around your topic evolved vs. stayed “eviled”. Let your knowing penetrate your life and change everything.

My wish for you is this exercise of staying focused on one tiny thing in your life, offered through creative pursuit and some tom-foolery gave you the impetus to dive deep, bare your teeth at points but mostly find a loving place inside in which this clarity can reside with you always.

Until next time! As always, I’ll play the role of Amy this life.