Parenting Highly sensitive children (HSC)
Clarity Webinar

Visionary help in raising your unique child

Parenting Highly Sensitive Childre - Free Informational Session

Do you have a child who is sensitive, highly introverted, intuitive and you wonder if there is support for you here? If yes, I have a free informational session you won’t want to miss!

First of all, I truly understand! What I’ve come to find is there is a wonderful link between these children and their parents, it is one of empowerment not only for your family and relationship with this child but something that may in time change the entire world.

At this informational parenting workshop I will share:

-Common attributes of these sensitive children.
-The problem for parents of sensitive children.
-Frustrations I hear from parents.
-The Truth about it.
-The silent model that keeps these kids stuck.
-Two great parenting resources for every child.
-A tip on how to always be a ”good enough” parent.
-Information about an event where you can learn the parenting techniques.

I want to assure you, you are not alone, tummy aches in your children before school and your personal worries can cease. However, I assure you, if you desire to learn this you will be rewarded with an extraordinary and deep relationship with your child and you will come to see they are your easiest child to parent! In this session I am laying the foundation for you to better understand what is happening and give you clarity about your child.


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Help spread the word if you know other parents struggling to help or understand their sensitive children please share this information with them. Everybody deserves support, especially when it comes to their kids!

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