The Biggest Lunch Ever, with your help Travels the World

Connection and Fun over your lunch hour

You've been asked or you asked. This is how the Biggest Lunch Ever Travels.

You gather 10 people. Each is available the 2nd Sunday and 2nd Tuesday of the month you'll host the Biggest Lunch Ever.

Sunday your group chooses (ahead of time) among a selection of classes. Tuesday you choose a location for lunch between $20-30 per person and make a reservation.

Your group convenes Sunday from 10-2pm at a location you arrange. Could be a party room at your place, a church room, community center, your home, etc. 

Class choices-

Option #1 Mix and Match (select two):

1) "Tools of the heart" 1.5 hours  (Lecture/interactive)
2) "Playing Ball-Learning to create healing energy to give or for yourself." 1.5 hours (Lecture/Interactive)
3) "Speech patterns for abundance" 1.5 hours (Lecture/Interactive)
4) "Seeing the Law of attraction through the eyes of an intuitive." 1.5 hours
5) "Learning about Feminine & Masculine Energy and why people keep talking about it." 1.5 hours (Lecture/interactive)
6) Live 10 minute reading per person with the group. 250 word write up from each participant (on one question) ahead of arrival, a live 10 min reading. 
(This one takes about 2 hours for 10 people max.) 


Option #2 Main Theme class (choose one of these):
A) "Clarity Journal" - Art Journal with 30 prompts (tiny lecture/instructions/choose an intent/small group reading  & time to create).
B) Group reading (I'll answer one question for each person then do a group reading for all, time permitting I'll do a guided meditation.)

Per person $250 USD

The Monday in between Sunday and Tuesday Amy is available for in person readings at a local coffee shop. A discounted 40 minute rate will be offered to the group. For your hard work there is no charge for you to attend. You would make the 11th person in the group. -Thank you. 

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