One Day Retreats

Come rejuvenate, find wisdom within and share yours

It may feel hard to find our personal center these days. We may often find ourselves questioning a lot of things we’re experiencing or seeing in our world. These retreat days are designed to help you refuel and center yourself as well as take tools away from the event that help keep you centered.

We want you to be you without restraint, and if you can do it here, we are confident you can bring that part of you out to the world too. Gathering at these events brings you to people who accept the differences between the ideas of others, (and will likely revel in them!)

These retreats are for people looking to neutralize the playing field of life, share wisdom, and discover the resources to access their own personal power.

As teachers we are here to support, see, and hear you, as well as have conversation around the things you wish to gain deeper understanding about.

At each retreat there will be an opening mediation and a process where we clear energy to help you shed the heavy pieces of your life to see yourself more freely. It's important to live your journey rather than endure it. It’s through sharing our vulnerability where the magic begins.

Finding You, Being Gentle and Kind

It might see like the world it out to get us with what pops up in the media. It may seem that things are out of control. The fact of the matter is we have had so much control this is a way for us to see so much chaos that it allows us to become more comfortable with our own inner chaos to the point of change. It’s true that the highest levels of spiritual achievement come through honoring your own needs and self. Not pushing, forcing or “making it happen” which instead are hallmarks of what was. We’re looking to help you step into what is “true” about you and about the world.

As a matter of fact you came to this time for a reason and it’s time to visit your pathway of least resistance to getting there. Let Gwen and I take you on a journey of being gentle, honest and listening to yourself at the deepest of levels (which I assure you is the most simple thing to do.) April marks a very important transition for us as humans. Come join us!

Sunday April 14th 10-12

Amy will be hosting a event that looks like this from 10-Noon:

-Guided Meditation
-Energy Reading of the core energy
-Lucky Dog - Group Coaching
-Large Group reflection
-Small and Large Group Discussion

After this event Gwen will join us and she and I each will teach an 1.5 hour segment. Gwen’s will be chanting and ???

Amy’s will be doing

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Gwen is a spunky master in yoga and all things ayurvedic, including astrology. She’s also a professional vocalist!
Amy is an experienced intuitive reader who teaches people how to trust themselves so they shine their brightest.

These retreats are held at:
Held at Art Works Eagan 3795 Pilot Knob Rd Eagan, MN 55122

Tell your friends about the event. There is nothing more magic than word of mouth.


Come be the explorer of your own life, join us at the retreat.


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“It's easy to love ourselves when we are in a state of being calm, playful and curious.”